On the fourth anniversary of the release of “GRIS” on 12/13, PS5 and Xbox Series S | X and other versions of “GRIS” are updated

Devolver Digital, a global independent game publisher, announced that it will team up with the Nomada development team to bring the critically acclaimed “GRIS” on Steam to home consoles. On December 13, the fourth anniversary of the release of “GRIS”, the beautiful colors will also be given to platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X, priced at NT$540.

[Y cynnwys canlynol yw testun gwreiddiol y wybodaeth a ddarparwyd gan y gwneuthurwr]

When “GRIS” launched the mainframe version, it kept up with the times and added many technical updates, even limited effects for the mainframe, including:

  • Xbox Series S: 2K quality, 120fps

  • Xbox Series X: 4K-60fps or 2K-120fps

  • PS5: 4K 120fps high definition, high frame rate and DualSense haptic feedback, sound response and more special effects

The gameplay experience of GRIS is peaceful and thought-provoking, with no elements of danger, frustration or death. Players will experience beautiful graphics, detailed animations and a fine original soundtrack in a carefully designed game world.

As the game progresses, the world of Gris will gradually expand in front of players There are also various puzzle-solving mini-games to experience, including platform-jumping action games, and various online side challenge tasks that require for using skills.

This is a game with almost no text, just simple, general operating instructions. Players can enjoy the fun of this game without language restrictions.

Only on 12/13, you will be able to see the beautiful world of “GRIS” on console platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.


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