On Wednesday, July 13th, the 3-year-old Dirt King deciding match “Japan Dirt Derby” will be held. TCK image character Nanao-san is coming! The new CM featuring Nanao-san will start airing on WEB / TV from July 7th! | News | Tokyo City Horse Racing: TOKYO CITY KEIBA

* Visit at JDD last year

At the Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK), the 24th Japan Dirt Derby (24th Japan Dirt Derby) will bring together top-class dirt 3-year-old horses from the local JRA as the final gateway to the South Kanto 3-year-old classic triple crown race on Wednesday, July 13. Jpn I) ”(hereinafter referred to as JDD) will be implemented. Actor Nanao, who will be the TCK image character on the day of JDD, has decided to visit!

Nanao will be the presenter of the JDD awards ceremony and will also appear live on the horse racing broadcast program of the day! We will talk about her feelings in her second year as an image character, her thoughts on horse racing, and JDD’s attention horses.

In addition, a new commercial featuring Arai Nanao will start airing on Thursday, July 7th! You can watch it on TV horse racing programs and YouTube.

In addition, to commemorate the visit, Nanao will liven up the JDD by holding a Twitter follow & retweet campaign where you can win JDD original posters of Nanao and Jun Shison.

The 3-year-old Dirt King deciding match “Japan Dirt Derby” is a once-in-a-lifetime challenge for racehorses. Please pay attention to JDD, which is colorfully colored by Nanao, following Mr. Jun Shison of the Teio Sho.

■ Nanao-san JDD appearance information on the day
Implementation date

July 13, 2022 (Water)

Implementation location

TCK podium

Implementation time

From around 20:15

* A mini talk show will be held before the awards ceremony.

・ TOKYO MX “Tokyo City Horse Racing Broadcast”
① From around 18:00 (MX2)
② From around 20:45 (MX2)
* Simultaneous broadcasting on the sports distribution channel “DAZN” and SKY PerfecTV 678ch.

・ BS11 “2022 JDD live broadcast”
19: 00- Program opening appearance

* It may be changed in a hurry depending on the situation of the program.
* Please see the TCK homepage for details.
* The award ceremony will not be broadcast in the horse racing broadcast program. note that.

■New CM information

During the period from July 7th (Thursday) to September 23rd (Friday), a new commercial featuring Mr. Nanao will be aired on WEB / TV along with the TCK horse racing.


“TCK2022 Penetrate. Nanao Hen”

Broadcasting / distribution medium

TV horse racing program, YouTube / TVer

Broadcast / delivery period

TV horse racing program From Saturday, July 9 * Only in some areas
YouTube / TVer From Thursday, July 7th
You can also watch the video on TCK official YouTube.

YouTube URL

■ Outline of JDD original poster gift campaign

In commemoration of Mr. Nanao’s visit, an original poster created for JDD announcement
We will present it to 10 people by lottery.

Poster image

Application period

July 6 (water) ~ July 13 (water) 23:59

Application method

① TCK official account “@tck_keibaFollow
② Retweet campaign posts
Campaign postingHere


JDD announcement race poster for 10 people

* One ticket per person.
* In the case of multiple tweets, it will be counted once.
* The serial code will be printed on the poster body.
Please refrain from applying for resale purposes.

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