‘Onam Bumper 2021 should be deposited in the bank for 2 years’: Jayapalan won the last bumper – Onam Bumper 2021 Jayapalan | Manorama Online

Kochi: Jayapalan, who won the Onam bumper lottery last year, said that after winning the lottery, the amount should not be paid to anyone for two years. Jayapalan said that if you stop using money in the first place, you will be in a situation where the principal and interest are gone.

“Give the ticket to the bank. If you get the money, you should put it as a fixed deposit for two years. Tax will be paid twice. Once the money is spent, there will be no money left to pay the taxes. Live without pomp. After two years, the money can be spent.

Money should be managed carefully. It will be difficult if you live in the first place. Find a way to live first. Then help others. If not, all principal and interest will disappear. There were people asking for help every day. We can’t help everyone.

I am poor. My friends are also poor. It is not enough if we give it to ourselves. Because they did not give after asking, their own and their relatives became enemies. After we have given it, isn’t it difficult for us? Can’t help everyone. But he helped three-four-five people in need. There is no time to help everyone. Shouldn’t you put it in a fixed deposit? Something can only be done after paying the interest and knowing the income and expenses.

It is now free after paying all taxes. Now you have to start something that will generate income. If you can benefit from it and help others, you should help. The money has been set aside as a deposit in the name of the children,” Jayapalan added.

Even after hitting the bumper, Jayapalan, who was an auto driver, continues to do the same profession. Jayapalan won two huge lottery tickets this time. Two tickets were taken. This time, Jayapalan took one Thrissur ticket and one Alappuzha ticket from Tripunithura. He also said that he has not yet started living with the money he won from the lottery.

English Summary: Onam 2021 bumper winner Jayapalan talks about how to spend lottery winnings