Onam Bumper; second prize onam bumper second prize ticket holder

This time, the second prize Onam Bumper tickets were also sold in Kottayam district itself. Ticket TG 270912 entitled to the second prize has been drawn but has not yet been released.

5 crores for the second prize. The owner has reached the Pala Canara Bank branch and handed over the ticket. Bank officials said the owner had instructed to keep his name and information confidential. The owner came to the bank and handed over the ticket this morning. The second prize of five crores was awarded to the ticket sold by Pappachan, a native of Pala.

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Meanwhile, the first prize goes to ticket TJ 750605. The first prize is Rs 25 crores. 1st Prize The first prize is a lottery sold by Atingal Bhagwati Agency. The winner will get Rs 15.5 crore after deducting tax. The third prize is Rs.

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