‘One Big Scandal’ Noh Yoon-seo, smart and smart → triangular thrill inducer ‘Eight color charm’

Actor Noh Yoon-seo doubles the charm of the character with his colorful charm in ‘One Other Scandal’.

In tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘One Big Scandal’, Noh Yoon-seo is the outstanding daughter of Woorim Nam Hae-i High School’s 2nd grade 1 class president, who has been working diligently through self-directed learning, Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), a former national handball player, and a 10-year-old child who is united with innocence and passion, manifests various charms, even teenage girls, and catches the eye in every scene that appears

In the 5th and 6th episodes, she is a model student who calls for special private tutoring for Choi Chi-yeol (Jeong Kyung-ho), one of the main trainers of ‘One Trillion Man’, and her mother , who managed to tutor Choi Chi. -Yeol’s senior tutor instead of failing to pass a special class of a famous academy, is respectful but worried inside Nam Hae-yi’s inner thoughts are portrayed, the daughter of a serious girl who becomes a girl.

The appearance of sleeping with her mother, revealing half of her sorrows and half of her expectations to her mother, revealed the charm of a teenage girl without fail, and made the viewers smile with the warm quality of the nation’s daughter singing. ‘1 family, 1 supply’.

When his uncle Jae-woo (Oh Eui-sik), who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, went to the police station after being caught up in an argument, the loving nephew calmed his heart by giving him a bowl of beans glowing warmly. through actor Noh Yoon-seo.

The charm of a hot-blooded high school student and refreshing teenage girl also stood out. When Seo Geon-hoo (Lee Min-jae), who came to Woorim High School to play ice hockey, asked him to teach her studies, she revealed herself as a cool girl and willingly agreed to do so, even though it was difficult. meet her studies, as it would only be at mentoring level.

In addition, when Lee Seon-jae (Lee Chae-min) admitted that his older brother lives as a reclusive loner, he deeply cares about him and draws attention as a loyal daughter who boldly shares his secrets of tutoring private. Here, with a pure but honest charm, she showed an active image worthy of ‘N charm’ by giving up the scent of youthful romance that even causes Seo Geon-hoo and Lee Seon-jae’s triangle excitement.

In this way, Noh Yoon-seo expresses the solid power of the character in every scene she appears in, and naturally brings out Nam Hae-yi’s charm. At the same time, it completes the play richly and three-dimensionally by resolving the colorful aspects of the character whose texture changes depending on the situation. The more episodes are repeated, the more attention is drawn to what kind of new appearance Noh Yoon-seo, who has merged into the character of Nam Hae-yi, will show in the future.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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