One dead in earthquake in Taiwan, 79 injured

A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan on Sunday afternoon. One person died and 79 were injured. The tremors severely damaged buildings and transport infrastructure.

Taiwan’s official media reported that an earthquakeA magnitude of 6.8 occurred inTaitung districtat 2:44 pm today (September 18) local time damageYuli District in Hualien DistrictAt most, one cement factory worker died after rubble fell on him.

In addition, a three-story apartment building, which the owner rented on the first floor of a 7-11 convenience store, collapsed, injuring four people, and it took firefighters three hours to get them out.

in addition Kaohsiung BridgeIn Yuli County a landslide occurred, causing three people in a pickup truck and a motorcycle to fall off a bridge and be injured.

Another civilian was injured after falling.liu xi tang hillin Yuli District and around 400 tourists were stranded.on Qi Ke Mountainin Yuli District After a landslide caused the electricity pole to fall. but has gradually migrated down

while intaoyuan city Some people were injured when the ceiling of an indoor badminton court collapsed on the fifth floor of a sports complex. And CCTV footage records the incident.

Taiwan Central Weather Bureau said a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in the afternoon Today is the main earthquake The 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Saturday and another 70 were the first earthquake

an earthquakeThis time, it caused widespread damage to infrastructure, buildings and vehicles inHualien DistrictaTaitung District In Hualien District, three bridges were destroyed or damaged. but no deaths and a passenger train derailed at Dongli Station. After the partial roof of the platform collapsed, six carriages fell off the tracks, but 20 passengers on the train were not injured. and some roads were damaged.

In addition, 7,073 households areYuli’s classno electricity and there were reports of blackouts inTaipei New Taipei District Tainan City aKaohsiung City But no damage to the industrial estate was reported. This includes the Hsinchu Science Park. and the South Taiwan Science Park and all nuclear power plants were operating normally, and 72 schools across Taiwan were damaged. And schools in many areas have suspended teaching.

sidePresident Tsai Ing-wen booking the operation centremitigate emergency situationsRaise the level of surveillance to the maximum to deal with itafter shockthat will follow and warned people to be vigilant about the danger of tremors that will follow

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