One dies of hunger every four seconds: NGOs warn | One person dies of starvation every four seconds: Warning

Around two hundred NGOs such as Oxfam, Save the Children and Plan International have warned that one person dies of hunger in the world every four seconds. 238 organizations from 75 countries told the United Nations that international action is needed to overcome the global hunger crisis.

345 million people are now suffering from severe hunger. That is more than double than in 2019. Despite promises from world leaders to end hunger in the 21st century, the African country of Somalia is still in a dire situation. The letter submitted jointly by the NGOs states that 50 lakh people are on the verge of starvation in 45 countries.

It is estimated that 19,700 people die of hunger every day. In that case, a global warning comes out that one person dies every four seconds due to hunger.

Ahmad Ali Eljebali of the Yemen Family Care Association said it is bad that hunger should be a problem even in this century with all the technology involved in agriculture. This is not a problem that affects just one country or continent. He said it was about the injustice faced by the entire human race.

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