One million people gave up their Indian citizenship in a period of seven years National | Deshabhimani

New Delhi > In the last seven years, nearly 10 lakh Indians have renounced their citizenship, the Union Government informed the Parliament. In the last three years alone, about 4 lakh people have given up their Indian citizenship and accepted foreign citizenship. The highest number of people renounced Indian citizenship last year – 1.63 lakh people. Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai informed the Lok Sabha that 1.44 lakh people renounced their Indian citizenship in 2019 and 85256 in 2020.

Last December, the Center informed the Parliament that 1.41 lakh people renounced their citizenship in 2015, 1.44 lakh in 2016, 1.33 lakh in 2017 and 1.34 lakh in 2018. Of those who renounced their citizenship last year, 78,284 became US citizens. 23533 people took Australian citizenship and 21587 took Canadian citizenship. In 2020, more people accepted US citizenship.

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