One of the worst starters in NHL history

One of the worst starters in NHL history


Why the wings are focused on losing fighting with fun. Filmed December 2, 2019 in Detroit.
Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press

Hockey players often talk about how much they love the game, how much fun it is. It is the fact that the Detroit Red Wings is looking forward to suffering the most difficult set of his career.

Thirty games into its season, the Wings are in a territory that is bad in history. They lost 20 games in regulation and have the lowest 17 points in the history of the franchise through 30 games and the second lowest in the NHL for the last 20 years. The target differential (minus 56) is the worst in the NHL over the past 20 years and the second worst in franchise history.


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And after they have been turning through November with 16 games, the Wings are until Saturday before Pittsburgh Penguins are hosted. 10-game streak is an opportunity to lose in perspective.

“I don't need to walk around here and be mad at everyone and be dark and gloomy,” said coach Jeff Blashill after the 4-1 Monday loss to New Yorkers. “We have a week here that we never play in the NHL. We're going to re-fix a little. Choose three or four areas where we need to make sure we are better. But I do not walk around and act as we did not play well just as we lost. We played well. We played well the last number of games, with the exception of a terrible game against Toronto, and we have no results to show him.

“The score sheet looks terrible. I get all that. But I'm just telling you, our men have done many good things, so let's continue building on those things. ”

The Wings at Little Caesars Arena have not won since Vegas on 10 November. The lineup consists of an outline of NHLers and AHLers. They rank 31st in goals for each game (2.1), permitted targets per game (3.93) and penalty killing (72.6%), and are 26th on the power play (13.8%). They're not lucky, but opponents seem to get every bounce.

[[[[Former Red Wing Johan Franzen asks Mike Babcock the worst (person) I ever met.

“This is a tough part of the game, not being able to score early and end it,” said Darren Helm. “If we do score, I seem to be responding back. After the first one, it gets a little deflated, but the way the bench is right now. We need to find ways to have fun and we know that we can be a team that can compete and win some games. ”

Helm was the need for players to remember the joy they play playing hockey.

“This is the hardest year I have been part of,” he said. “We need to rearrange the next couple games, find the rink a little more positive, more positive. Try to have fun. Many are not going on now but it is a long season. We need to have fun, win some games. ”

Large Red Detroit Red Larkin (71) venue holds Nick Leddy (2), a New York City defensive man trying to shoot December 2, 2019, in Detroit. (Photo: Paul Sancya, AP)

Dylan Larkin cut the Islanders as a result of 2-1 and his first goal in 10 games, changing one of six power plays. He looked at relief when the puck went into.

“It was a hard stretch,” he said. “I didn't feel I was playing my best to help the team, I didn't drive the play as before. We had enough hockey here and when it is not going well, it just flew at this time and we finally stretched 10 games, we are not producing and we did not win.

“We can't keep this up. We need to find a way to get positive energy here and find a way to win a greasy game. We have had four big days and we have a lot of hockey. We need to be back, prepare for a great Saturday night game at home. ”

How does the Wing use the fun when they play a game after a game they explain why they lost? Again it goes back to perspective.

“You only get as long to play in the NHL,” Larkin said. You have to take that with pride, but you should take it and it's something right now, in a season with little fun, we have to remember that and look at that and find a way to come to the rink and to enjoy. ”

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