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Original title: One question and one answer ▏ Bai Jingting two-character romance actress? Tang Yan joins the group? Zhang Yishan melon? Liu Haocun was whitewashed? Zhang Zhenyuan’s development?

Brother Octopus has not talked about Tang Yan for a long time. Tell me about Tang Yan. What good news is there? There is no new drama set, can I join the group this year?

At the moment it only has news about magazines and activities, and there is still no more concrete news about film and television. There is a high probability that she will not join the group this year, because she has no film and TV cakes on her body now, let alone talk, she has not slipped, and she should be in a state of not returning to work still. . Speaking of variety shows, “Our Inn” invites her, and she is very interested here.

Is Liu Haocun going to clean up with Lin Yichao CP? Is she also planning to use the character setting to whitewash herself as Qu Chuxiao after taking on the TV series It is not good to see that her “Reuters pictures ” as they are called have been specially edited and released recently.

Let’s say, it’s the same now. A little while ago, there were quite a few Reuters pictures of both of them, and they already have an audience. It is considered the first step in whitewashing. In addition to the two CPs, Liu Haocun also has a lot of Reuters about himself in this drama There are raw pictures and intensive repairs. It is true not only from the fans, but also the team is also help.Now the role of Reuters is great.Good marketing can make netizens and audiences full of expectations.

It can only be said that Liu Haocun has taken this road very successfully at this time, and many people are still looking forward to her and Lin Yi’s drama. Lin Yi’s supporters are now telling Reuters what to try to avoid taking her to. I don’t know if it is to avoid suspicion.


Bai Jingting likes melon actresses two characters too scandalous, there is no hammer and no truth (hair coloring is really scandalous like love hammer) in this period of time, it is still on the hot search, it’ n hard not to. to say who bought the gun

Eee, can you tell me that Bai Jingting’s love melon on today’s hot search is the same group of actresses who are currently filming?

The paparazzi should be talking about Song Yi, an actress of two characters, a purple dress, a sister and a brother, who smiles sweetly. However, although the paparazzi give some reference stars, such as Jin Chen, Song Qian, Yang Zi, etc., but it does not mean that it is true, and it does not mean that Xiaobai is in love, but it general information about female stars. That’s it. Because the films that the paparazzi said have no pictures, they rely only on one mouth.

The news of Brother Zhang Yu is that he is still single. Of course, Brother Zhang Yu feels that he is about to fall in love. He cannot live with shoes all his life. He is also not an idol, and he is 30. He always has a love life, so don’t be surprised if any romance is revealed in the future.


Bao, if you have time, can you talk about Zhang Zhenyuan’s development?


Zhang Zhenyuan is a less advanced member in terms of development in the group. There are very few resources and foreign affairs available. At present, Brother Zhang Yu’s news about Zhang Zhenyuan is only with a variety show, and there is no one else for now. Fans may also shout about the company or something, but it doesn’t work much, it can only be said that there is no way. In the sequel, if there is news, Brother Zhang Yu will say that his resources are indeed relatively small.


Brother Zhang Yu, won’t you follow up with Zhang Yishan’s melon? Today, the rumor is refuted. I think there is a saying that the comments of the Ping An police after the scene prove that Zhang Yishan was framed? ? (So ​​whether it sucks or not, no matter how you look at it, I think it sucks.) And Bai Jingting, who suddenly appeared on the Hot One today, like the melon of the two-character actress, it is really outrageous, it is hard not to suspect that this is the one who bought the hot search block gun)

This is the question Zhang Yishan asked the day he refuted the rumour, and he has been asking it ever since. It is very persistent. Brother Zhang Yu will discuss it with everyone.

First, I said that the police proved that Zhang Yishan did not take drugs, a little too much, the police were not Zhang Yishan, and they would not stand on the street for him. The intention of the police can only be a side note, Zhang Yishan is very well right now, and they are all gone. He didn’t even intend to prove that Zhang Yishan was right, he casually replied.

We also know how strong our country’s anti-drug efforts are at the moment. The police did not report that. Zhang Yishan’s current situation is normal, and his works have not been delisted or removed from the shelves.

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