One Spider-Man comic book sold for 4 billion won… All-time high bid

Spider-Man’s first appearance in ‘Black Suit’… “World’s Most Expensive Page”

‘Black Suit’ Spider-Man comic book page sold for 4 billion won

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(Los Angeles = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon-seop Jeong = A Spider-Man comic book published by Marvel Comics sold for 4 billion won.

The Associated Press reported that at a comic book auction held in Dallas, Texas on the 14th (local time), a page of a Spider-Man comic book sold for $3.36 million (3.99 billion won), the highest price ever.

This comic book is the 8th issue of Marvel Comics ‘Secret Wars’ published in 1984, and the page that won the bid contains a rare scene where Spider-Man wears a ‘black suit’ for the first time.

Spider-Man is originally dressed in red and blue, but appears in a black suit for the first time in this comic book.

For this reason, the auction attracted extraordinary interest from collectors, and the auction that started at $330,000 sold at ten times the price.

The previous highest-priced comic book page was $657,250 (780 million won), containing the scene where Wolverine first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” published in 1974.

A scene from 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'
A scene from ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

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Heritage Auctions, which hosted the auction, said in a statement that “Spider-Man’s ‘black suit’ scene is the world’s most expensive comic art page.

Black Suit Spider-Man has special meaning for collectors and Marvel fans.

The ‘Secret Wars’ comic book is a limited-edition crossover series from Marvel, depicting Marvel heroes fighting villains on a planet called Battle World.

In this comic book, Spider-Man confronts a symbiote, a black slimy alien creature, and the symbiote clings to Spider-Man, creating the first Spider-Man in a black suit with a twisted personality.

In addition, the Black Suit Spider-Man page made it possible to win the highest bid in history in that it is a link that introduces Marvel’s anti-hero character Venom.

Meanwhile, the first comic book ‘Action Comics’ in 1938, in which Superman appeared for the first time, sold at this auction for 3.18 million dollars (3.78 billion won), making it the fourth highest bid for comic books in history.

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