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Perhaps one of the pledges you have made this year is to reduce electronics waste. (It’s enough to take the oath now.) If so, look for ways to try to use the old computer longer. There are a few things to keep in mind that older computers, especially laptops, may be better off for a longer period of time. Many laptops have been built to work without problems for years. So it would be good for nature for those who use them to show a little enthusiasm on their part. Doing one thing may make your old laptop or desktop even better. Users of older computers know a few things to keep in mind, including that one.

Safety comes first

No matter how hard you try, your old laptop or desktop may suddenly shut down one day. Therefore, the main consideration should be to transfer your vital data from it to an external hard disk or other computers, if any.

The only way to quickly upgrade older laptops and desktops

Check if your laptop has an old or new spinning hard disk or SSD. If it is a spinning hard disk, replacing it with an SSD may magically increase the performance of the computer. This is especially true of older computers. Many people who use old laptops without any problems will be the ones who made this change.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, install an SSD with low storage capacity, buy a case for an existing spinning hard disk and use it as an external hard disk. When the operating system is converted to SSD, it is common to see older computers running with new glory. SSDs can also crash. But many say it could run for up to nine years. Older laptops may not accept SSD variants such as the new M2. If you can not decide for yourself which SSD you want, seek the advice of a technician.



Upgrade RAM

If you have a relatively new laptop, upgrading the RAM may also be helpful.

Make sure there are no cats on the laptop keyboard

More and more people are posting pictures of cats sleeping on laptop keyboards on Instagram and elsewhere. The Senate says that even MacBook keyboards can be destroyed by cats getting on board. Also make sure that the laptop does not allow animals and small children to play.

Note these as well

Do not eat around the laptop. Be extremely careful in this matter. You can splash a lot and get inside the keyboard and so on. Do not smoke near laptops. Washing your hands before using a laptop may prolong their life.

െങ്കിൽ Do not cover during sleep mode

If you have a habit of leaving the laptop in sleep mode, do not place the dust cover on the laptop at that time. They can cause problems if there is no ventilation. He says more attention should be paid to Windows 10/11 laptops. Sending custom updates is said to be Microsoft’s new hobby, which can heat up computers.

Always do not inject into the charger

It is good for the health of the laptop to always have a battery back-up and not work on the charger.

െങ്കിൽ Consider a small external monitor if the display is gone

If the laptop’s display is gone, you can replace it or buy an external monitor. Some low-cost laptops may not support external monitors. If so, changing the screen is the answer. It is advisable to change the screen officially from the company that made the laptop. However, an external monitor can be considered if this is expensive.



If the keyboard is gone

If the keyboard is damaged, consider replacing it or purchasing an external keyboard.


Regularly setting aside at least five minutes a week to clean laptops may extend their lifespan. Make it a habit to remove accumulated dust and grime.

Check if accessories are available

If some of the devices that need to be connected to the laptop do not work, look for accessories. Some people try to buy a new laptop because they complain that they can not attach certain devices to their laptop. But before buying a new laptop, it is a good idea to find out if you have the necessary accessories.

Uninstall unwanted apps

If there are unwanted apps or programs on your computer, ruthlessly remove them. If you have apps that you have never used, uninstalling them one by one would be a good move.

Use refresh

Reinstalling using the refresh option on Windows would be another viable option if you have any issues. (Do this only if you are using the original version of Windows.) This setting can be found by searching for refresh in the Windows settings. All apps will be removed and made new.

English Summary: One tweak can make your laptop fly; tips for using PCs

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