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December 05, 2022 18:28 Last updated: 18:36

US President Joe Biden has suddenly reversed the disadvantages of Chinese companies in Europe, and his recent performance has woken up Europeans. According to the latest news, Huawei and ZTE equipment is expected to regain German approval to enter the market. The German Ministry of Economic Affairs said it does not intend to follow the US sanctions plan and will make decisions in retrospect the different situations of individual cases.

German Economy Minister Habeck suddenly changed his tough attitude towards China, which has something to do with US aggression.  AP photos

German Economy Minister Habeck suddenly changed his tough attitude towards China, which has something to do with US aggression. AP photos

German Chancellor Scholz came back and forth on November 5th, and brought an order from China for 140 Airbus worth US$17 billion from Beijing, but the German political circle, including various departments of the federal government, made extraordinary comments and actions unfriendly towards China. The media revealed that the German Ministry of Economic Affairs has drawn up a strategic document, which has a “three-in-one” policy towards China: it is a partner and a competitor, and most importantly, it is considered an adversary “system” .” The friendly atmosphere between China and Germany was immediately reversed.

Although the strategic document has not yet been officially released, it has attracted criticism from all walks of life, especially the German business community, who believe the content is divorced from reality. It makes people feel even more strange that the document states, “Before the centenary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2027, China may launch an attack on Taiwan. Given the close economic ties between Germany and China , Germany is very likely to be attacked by China at that time. coercion.”

The Ministry of Economic Affairs suggested “developing promising alternative markets in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Africa, and redrafting the overseas economic promotion plan. The German side will carry out stricter scrutiny of Chinese companies’ investment plans. From 2023, we they will now send Provide development aid loans.”

Germany divides its relations with China based on ideology, and the situation is worrying. Unexpectedly, German Economy Minister Habeck suddenly said that Huawei and ZTE equipment could be considered for access, which is a little unexpected . Some analysts pointed out that it could be related to Biden’s attitude towards French President Macron’s state visit to Washington.

In the US Congress, Macron publicly criticized the “Act to Reduce Inflation” passed by the US. It is a bill with a total value of 750 billion US dollars. Subsidies to support production and investment in electric vehicles, strategic minerals, new energy and power generation equipment. Favorable policies are designed mainly for domestic companies in the United States. Macron bluntly stated that the bill will harm European companies, and that the US subsidy policy “could lead to the division of the West.”

Finally, on December 1, in the joint press conference held by the two countries, Biden denied that there was an investment subsidy to remove “job opportunities” for the United States, and that it was not the policy meant to “harm Europe.” Biden unceremoniously responded to the French President by saying: “The United States does not need to apologize for the legislation you mentioned.” This sentence has completely hurt the hearts of European allies.

How to interpret the subtle details of the diplomacy above? You can refer to the statement made by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian at the press conference the following day. He said that the incident shows that the United States intends to protect its own interests, but has no scruples about the impact on other countries, including allies and so-called partners. This is another example of hegemonic thinking “America First”.

What are the facts? According to the calculations of the French government, after the implementation of the “Act to Reduce Inflation”, the United States will “steal” the investment that originally flowed to France, which is at least 10 billion euros, and French jobs will be reduced. by 10,000. Germany’s response was just as strong. As early as November 29, Habeck said that he would respond “strongly” to the “Act to Reduce Inflation” in the United States, stressing that “we will not let Germany lose its status as an industrial base.”

How can Europe seek justice from the United States and regain the jobs it may have lost? It’s very simple, just play the “China card” for Biden. If Huawei and ZTE can enter the German and even EU markets, the power of the US trade war and technology war against China is greatly weakened. How should China and the United States, the United States and Europe, and China and Europe take the next step? Very lovely “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The plot twists and turns, so stay tuned!

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