ONE World Champion “Tang” plays intense tutoring “Tac”, ready to enter the ring.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon, a Muay Thai star with a degree in ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion (135 years old.) A young actor comes to harass “Tac” Pharanyu Rojanawutthitham who comes to hide in the camp. Chit Mueang Non In order to prepare for the ring in the IDOL FIGHT show that stars and celebrities show their boxing skills.

From the young star “Tac-Pharanu” invested in training in boxing to a famous camp in the city of Nonthaburi. by having a special trainer Like the Muay Thai star “Tang” teach various techniques, be it a weapon. and defense to lead the battle in the arena

As for the “tanks” themselves, they are about to enter the ring as well. He will return to serve as ONE World Champion, defending his belt against Joseph Lasiri, Muay Thai’s newest ONE Strawweight World Champion. who could ascend to the floor hoping to be in the “Double Champ” position, two weight classes in Muay Thai

The pair will meet as the underdogs at ONE Fight Night 4 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium during Primetime America. Corresponding to the morning time at 8:00 AM on Saturday, November 19, 65, according to Thailand time.

Fans can follow the progress of the fight on the ONE Championship Thailand Facebook page and You can buy tickets at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore. Get it now at

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