One year after Parkland's children, Florida, renew their hands-on teachers - with the help of Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE – Almost one year ago, legislators were on the Florida Legislature floor and they shouted and discussed how they should respond to the late February Park 14. In the House, the debate lasted eight times.

The question of who should be armed in schools is the most competitive issue. The friction between Government then caused. Rick Scott and legislative leaders, devotees of Democrats and put a painful chat about a race as black legislators were afraid that color students could be targeted.

Following the proposal to allow teachers to carry guns, legal guides led some of the school personnel but not classroom instructors.

This year, the law has revived the idea of ​​guiding teachers – and is being supported. The bill extended the existing "Guardian" program, Senate Bill 7030, through the main committee of Tuesday, which means that it could be one of the first bills considered by the entire Florida Senate when a statutory session begins March 5.

"I want somebody to protect and generate my eight children," Mr. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala. "It's worth having someone ready."

But while the Republican builders have consolidated the formation of teachers, there is still a desire for the idea elsewhere in Florida.

A majority of the Floridians polls against more guns in schools, and the union of teachers across the state is chapters against him. On Monday, relatives of the 17 people killed by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sent a petition to do something that refused to refuse the law: to prevent "attack weapons" that defined the group as a rifle or a semi-complete grain gun that could carry more than 10 round internally or through a magazine.

"If these politicians do not act on this, voters," said David Hogg, former students who emerged as one of the main figures in the post-Park movement.

Despite these feelings to prevent guns, the Seanad Bill 7030 appears to have a clear way to pass. As a result, unlike last year, Republican leaders agree to the State in a push to allow the teachers to be armed in the school.


Under the current law signed by Scott last year, teachers can not "exclusively function" in the classroom participate in the program, limiting the authorization to transport guns to other non-teaching school staff, such as coaches and administrators.

"The real question … is the most effective way to put the people under attack?" Speaker of the Florida House Ol Oliva told last month's reporters.

Oliva said that the issue is too "politically" when a lot of teachers are willing and willing to protect a student. Respondents emphasized that teachers who were an old or former military postcard were ideal.

Last year, when he filed the former Post Park park bill, President Bill Galvano was at the Seanad language allowing teachers to carry guns. But after Scott challenged, the bill was amended.

This year Galvano has a disease and other backups of legislation in the new Florida government, Ron DeSantis.

"If you are working in a school and that you have someone who has training and has the ability to do it then you should not be prevented from firearms that can deter people, "DeSantis recently told reporters, adding that the program must be optional.

This leaves this year's bill with a small resistance from the crop, greatly relaxing some of the Democrats.

"I can not believe that a parent would understand a teacher with a gun in a primary school," said Mr Janet Cruz, D-Tampa. "I do not want that for my grandchildren."

Cruz was voted against the bill last year when she was in the House and said that the measure was taken to satisfy the hands-on team to meet the National Rifle Association, which supported efforts to engage teachers nationally. She filed her own bill that would allow selected areas without blocking staff to use that money for other school safety measures.

Under the current law, each public school campus must have one armed guard, whether it is a law enforcement or armed team. Only $ 10 million of the $ 67 million was set aside last year for the Guardian program, partly as it chose to use many police officer areas instead.


The effort was made to touch other jolt teachers when previous cards came to the idea, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. Chair of the Public Safety Commission Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Gualtieri spent a lot of time reviewing the shooting of the Park, which he said after changing his job.

In a 458 page report, the Commission formally recommended that class teachers be handed over and Gualtieri was widely argued by the Legislation.

"My comments changed and changed because of facts," he told legal makers recently. "There are no copies (so many), so if we have to put someone – we should do it – these children can be protected, a good man with a gun, we have to rely on someone else. "

Mr Broward resigned to the surge of debate on armed teachers. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, and disappears near her, she said. There is a book on the commission as well as Gualtieri and some Parker parents.

In Broward County, the help of law enforcement is easily available. Book said she was worried about rural counties when the situation was not there and could help 30 miles away.

"I saw the scenic crime videos, I've all seen," she said. "Everyone would be dead."

But Professor Sheldon Greenberg, who teaches in the school of education at the University of Johns Hopkins and who researched the effectiveness of armed teachers, has the risks of having more guns in schools more than the likelihood of a student teacher to protect effectively during mass shooting chaos.

He decided that even police officers, who had been trained and involved in previous shooting, would lose their goals during crises.

"Compare your teacher in a school where there is an active shooter in which … hundreds of students are running in the halls to meet," said Greenberg. "We look forward to the teachers' willingness, readiness and skill. It is a lot of wild hope."

The reporter Times / Herald, Elizabeth Koh, added this report.

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