OnePlus Ace 2V released on sale starting at 2299 yuan Li Jie: populate the flagship experience to the end

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According to the news on March 7, OnePlus officially released the new product of the Ace series, OnePlus Ace 2V, which has the flagship Dimensity 9000 5G processor mobile platform, supports up to 16GB + 512GB of large memory, and starts at 2299 yuan.

Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said, “OnePlus Ace 2V subverts the industry practice of products in the same range with a light attitude, and popularizes the flagship experience to the end.

OnePlus Ace 2V comes with two colors of rock black and celadon It adopts the classic design of OnePlus “three-step switch”, which can be changed among the three modes of ringing, silence and vibration with a light flick.

In terms of performance configuration, OnePlus Ace 2V has Dimensity 9000 5G mobile platform. After detailed joint testing by OnePlus and MediaTek, OnePlus Ace 2V has an AnTuTu running score of 1.05 million points, which is the model with the highest AnTuTu running score on the Dimensity 9000 platform. OnePlus Ace 2V also has a generation new high-performance graphite heat sink, which improves heat dissipation by 92% compared to ordinary graphite, together with a large VC area of ​​4129 mm².

In order to popularize the flagship smooth experience, OnePlus Ace 2V eliminates the 8GB + 128GB memory configuration, and supports 12GB + 256GB boot, up to 16GB + 512GB super large memory version; with flagship LPDDR5X memory specifications.

In addition, OnePlus Ace 2V also has two unique self-developed game black technologies, Game Frame Stabilization Engine 2.0 and Game Cloud Computing Private Network, to improve game frame rate experience and network speed stability.

OnePlus Ace 2V has a 1.5K Lingxi touch screen, supports 120Hz variable refresh rate, 1.5K retina super resolution, HDR 10+ top level display effect, and supports high frequency PWM dimming.

In terms of imaging, OnePlus Ace 2V has 64 million ultra-clear triple cameras, which integrate practical functions such as ultra-clear image quality, AI enhancement, and AI photo ID.

At the press conference, Li Jie also released the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Light Edition at the same time.

OnePlus Ace 2V will go on sale at 10 am on March 13, and the pre-sale will start at 4 pm on March 7. The first batch of buyers can enjoy up to 3 interest-free installments. The specific prices are as follows: OnePlus Ace 2V 12GB + 256GB version, priced at 2299 yuan; OnePlus Ace 2V 16GB + 256GB version, priced at 2499 yuan; OnePlus Ace 2V 16GB + 512GB version, priced at 2799 yuan.

Other accessories will also go on sale at the same time at 10 am on March 13. The specific prices are as follows: OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Light Edition is priced at 799 yuan, and the pre-order will be discounted by 50 yuan;Sandstone OnePlus Ace 2V all-inclusive protective case on sale The price is 99 yuan, and it only costs 89 yuan to match OnePlus Ace 2V; the retail price of OnePlus 27W Lingfengqing color cooling back clip freezing point is 249 yuan, and the limited time discount price is 239 yuan; retail price of 100W dual port charger green pine color is 269 yuan, and the limited time discount price is 259 yuan Yuan. (quietly)

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