OnePlus India Unveils First Look of OnePlus Pad Go, Expected to Launch in October

OnePlus India Unveils First Look of OnePlus Pad Go: Expected Launch in October

In a recent announcement, OnePlus India has unveiled the first look of their upcoming tablet, the OnePlus Pad Go. Set to hit the market in October, this new addition to the OnePlus family is creating quite a buzz.

The first thing that catches the eye is the tablet’s sleek and slender design, strikingly similar to the OnePlus Pad. However, there is a noticeable difference in the back cover, which now features two vibrant colors. The top part boasts a shiny finish, covering 15% of the surface, while the base comes in a contrasting matte texture. The green color showcased in the first look is notably brighter than the one seen on the OnePlus Pad, capturing attention and adding a touch of vibrancy.

While specific details regarding the specifications are yet to be officially revealed, the tagline accompanying the OnePlus Pad Go’s first look hints at a remarkable feature: “All Play, All Day.” This suggests that the tablet is designed to offer uninterrupted usage with exceptional battery life. The current OnePlus Pad already impresses with its ability to seamlessly stream videos for 12 hours. With the OnePlus Pad Go, users can expect an even longer battery life, possibly exceeding 16 hours.

Regarding the display, OnePlus President, Kinder Liu, hinted during an interview with Digital Trends that the tablet will flaunt a 2.4K resolution with an aspect ratio of 7:5. Such specifications imply that the OnePlus Pad Go is a mid-range device aimed at providing optimum entertainment with captivating visuals. While this might lead to slightly lower specifications compared to certain older tablets, it promises an impressive viewing experience.

In a report by 9To5Google, it is mentioned that the OnePlus Pad currently features a 2.8K screen. However, future versions of the tablet may witness a slight reduction in resolution, making the rumored 2.4K resolution for the OnePlus Pad Go a plausible choice. Additionally, it remains unknown whether the refresh rate will remain at 144Hz, similar to its predecessor, or be reduced to 120Hz.

Excitingly, the OnePlus Pad Go is set to introduce several new features. One notable addition is Content Sync, simplifying data transfer between OnePlus tablets and smartphones, offering convenience to users. The tablet will also support notification sync and screen mirroring, enhancing the overall user experience.

Unifying the OnePlus ecosystem, the OnePlus Pad Go will enable users to receive calls from different OnePlus devices, creating a seamless and connected digital environment.

Pricing and Launch Date

While the exact pricing and launch date are yet to be announced, Android Authority has reported that the highly-anticipated launch event will take place on October 6th. As for the pricing, it is expected that the OnePlus Pad Go will be more affordable than its predecessor, which carries a price tag of $480 or 17,200 baht.

The OnePlus Pad Go’s debut is eagerly awaited, as tech enthusiasts and fans of the brand anticipate another groundbreaking addition to the OnePlus family. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting tablet!


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OnePlus India unveils the first look of OnePlus Pad Go, a new tablet Expected to launch in October

The first look is that the device is thin, similar in appearance to the OnePlus Pad. The difference is that the back cover has two colors. The top will be shiny. Covers 15% of the top surface, while the base is matte. The color shown is green, which is brighter than the green of the OnePlus Pad, but

Specifications have not been officially revealed, but the tagline emphasizes “All Play, All Day,” which should suggest all-day battery life. The OnePlus Pad can be used to watch videos continuously. There are 12 now means that this model will probably. last longer, at least 16 hours.

The next thing is the screen. It will have a resolution of 2.4K at an aspect ratio of 7: 5. This information comes from Kinder Liu, the president of OnePlus, in an interview with Digital Trends who suggested the information. A mid-range tablet focused on entertainment with excellent visuals This means that the specifications may be lower than some older tablets.

9To5Google reports that the OnePlus Pad comes with a 2.8K (2,800 x 2,000 pixels) screen, which will have a slightly lower resolution in future versions of the tablet. That means 2.4K is probably the right choice. As for the refresh rate, it is not yet stated whether it will be 144Hz like the older model or will be reduced to 120Hz.

As for the new features that will be added, there are many things, starting with Content Sync that will make data transfer between OnePlus tablets and smartphones easier and more convenient. In addition, notification sync and screen mirroring are supported.

We will be able to receive calls from different OnePlus devices on the OnePlus Pad Go, resulting in a unified OnePlus ecosystem.

Pricing and a launch date have yet to be announced, but Android Authority reports that the launch event will take place on October 6. The older model will cost $480 or 17,200 baht, making it likely to be cheaper.


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