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Ong Arj believes that the draft amendment to the Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic is complete enough no stumbling problems

by news dir

27 June 2021


“Ongart” reveals that the draft amendment to the Constitution of the “PDP” is complete enough There was no problem until I couldn’t move forward. I believe the committee will fix it in accordance with the proposal. Identify 3 reasons. Use 2 cards for the people.

Mr Ong Khamphaiboon deputy party leader and the president S.S. Democratic Party (PDP.) Addressing the issue of constitutional amendment money selection system card 2 blade which has been criticized that may not be complete on the part of the party believes that the party’s constitutional amendment is complete enough and there is a clear rationale for submitting to the National Assembly Some people are concerned that some sections of the constitution contrary to or contrary to Section 83 and Section 91 proposed by the party can be amended in accordance with the principles and intentions that the majority of parliamentarians have already considered accepting the principles of the National Assembly should not cause problems until the constitutional amendment cannot continue I believe that the constitutional amendment committees from all sides will be able to amend them in accordance with the amendments proposed by the Democrats.

Mr Ong said Democrats insist that the draft amendments to the constitution both 6 party figure It is an amendment for the benefit of the people. including amendments to the card system 2 a certificate that has been passed on the principle of the Parliament It proposed amendments for the benefit of the people on key principles. 3 one thing is

1. to support the exercise of sovereignty through elections as the true power of the people

2. People can express their will in screening representatives to power. You don’t have to be tied up than you have to choose. S.S.county and S.S.Party roster from a single card but can choose S.S.district and party separate from the card 2 blade This gives people more choices according to their will than a single card system.

3. enabling people to exercise their rights freedom through elections as provided by the Constitution in the section on rights freedom

Mr Ong said Another disappointing party 5 The draft was not approved for the principles of Parliament. because again 5 The draft is purely based on amendments for the benefit of the people. and make the Thai constitution more democratic such as amending the constitution to give people rights community rights consumer rights Better land ownership rights and the decentralization of power to the locality to benefit the people more than it is today including creating a mechanism for the selection of the Prime Minister to be more connected to the people

But the Democratic Party’s single constitutional amendment bill This is the beginning of a constitutional amendment for the people on the basis of a more complete democracy.Mr Ong say

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