Ongoing to 13th WCWS

Ongoing to 13th WCWS







NORMAN – Lucky No. 13.

Behind a 8-0 win over seed No. 16 Northwestern, the top-ranking Oklahoma seed team went on to the 13th World Women's League World League.

This is the eighth presence of WCWS the OU for the past nine years. No other program was made in the country as many trips to the WCWS as the OU since the 2011 season.

The Sooners met five races at home against the Wildcats to bring their full seasons to 108, marking a program of any seasons and going over the 2015 team.

Mariah Lopez and Shannon Saile have met on the 28th meeting of the OU season.

Oklahoma wanted to quickly open scoring as Sydney Romero led a single and Falepolima drove Aviu into the right-hand gap.

Romero added to the advantage of the OU, opening the third with a town run to the left. After Caleigh drew Clifton a walk, Jocelyn Alo hit her own blast. Romero and Alo homers left both the OU's Softball Complex.

The Sooners then scored two runners, and Nicole Mendes capitalized on the left to plaque Grace Green.

Green extended the Early leader in the fifth, going out of the frame with homage to the center. Also, Clifton pushed a single shot at the top of the sixth year, and Lynnsie Elam met one of her own in the top of the seventh.

Full reconstruction to come …

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