Onions dizzy car reversed the impact of a car

Onion, in a dizzying car accident while overturning... the 'shock' of an overturned car

Singer Yangpa (real name Lee Eun-jin) was in a dizzying car accident.

According to E-Daily on the 21st, on the 8th, it was reported that Onion had a car accident while driving his car on the Hannam Bridge.

An oncoming vehicle collided with an oncoming vehicle and the accident occurred, causing Onion’s vehicle to overturn.

After the accident, Onion went to the emergency room of a nearby hospital to be examined, but it is known that there were no major injuries such as broken bones.

On the other hand, as soon as Onion started in 1997 with ‘Puppy’s Love’, he got a lot of love and appeared as a comedian in the music industry. After that, he continued to release popular songs such as ‘A’D DIO’ and ‘Love…what is that’.

On the other hand, at the end of last year, Onion also sang the OST ‘Happy End’ for the drama ‘Only One Person’, showing the power of the music powerhouse.

By Jung-min Yoo, staff reporter for Tenasia hera20214@tenasia.co.kr

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