Online Gambling Scandal: Minnie Apologizes and Threatens to Sue ‘Jôc Fawr’ for False Accusations

Apology and Accusations Circulate in the Online Gambling Website Case

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Amidst the ongoing turmoil surrounding the online gambling website case, one of the suspects, Ms Thanyanan, also known as Minnie, has issued an apology to Jôc Fawr for the trouble caused. In a surprising turn of events, Minnie revealed her previous involvement with Rong No. 1 before their breakup. Refuting claims of being a “gaming website goddess,” Minnie denies any responsibility in the alleged damages caused and instead accuses Jôc Fawr, planning on taking legal action to seek justice.

The Revelation – A Personal Connection

On September 18 at 7:20 pm, Minnie, accompanied by her lawyer, shed light on the image featuring herself and Pol Col. Pakpoom Pisamai, the deputy chief of Police Station 4. Minnie disclosed that she had known Pol. Col. Phakpoom since 2020, having met him at a party in Loei Province. They briefly dated but parted ways after Minnie discovered Phakpoom’s familial ties. Coincidentally, they crossed paths again last year and engaged in conversations. Minnie explained that Phakpoom would occasionally borrow money from her, with some amounts being returned while others went unreturned. The financial struggles faced by the police force were cited as a possible reason behind the inconsistency in repayment. However, Minnie remarked that, in most cases, other individuals would forward money to her as they were residing abroad.

The Curious Case of the Leaked Photo

Minnie went on to reveal that the controversial photo of the couple was one taken by her. To her surprise, when the 4th Police Station apprehended them, their sole cellphone was seized. Jay, one of the policemen involved, and another individual, allegedly linked to the Bureau of Immigration, raised questions about the leak of the photo. The unauthorized dissemination of the picture has caused distress among all parties involved, as it had not been published anywhere prior to the incident. Furthermore, the two policemen coerced Minnie and Phakpoom to write a false confession, implicating Phakpoom’s personal interest in the gambling website. Minnie suggested that compliance with the police’s demands would have led to the attainment of their ulterior motives.

Surachet’s Limited Knowledge

Regarding Pol. Gen. Surachet, Minnie clarified that she personally did not have any acquaintanceship with him. Furthermore, she asserted that neither Attorney Tum Sitra Biabangkerd nor Boss Tan, the owner of the Lamphun Warriors Football Club, were within her sphere of familiarity. Minnie expressed a desire to ascertain Pol. Gen. Surachet’s whereabouts presently. She staunchly refuted the allegations of her being a gambling website goddess, citing her involvement in the construction contracting business and wholesaling fashion clothing.

A Heartfelt Apology and Vows to Take Legal Action

Concluding her statement, Minnie extended a personal apology to Police General Surachet and P’A Supachai, who had previously captured photographs with her. She acknowledged being the first point of contact during her arrest, contrary to the police’s recommendation of reaching out to relatives. The uncertainty surrounding others’ actions compelled Minnie to adhere to this approach. Emphatically, she asserted that neither she nor Phakpoom implicated the eight police officers and remained unaware of any monetary transfers. Intent on defending her reputation, Minnie expressed intentions to sue her accuser, ensuring that no one instructed or scripted her actions. To pursue this course, she plans to request clarification at the Thung Maha Mek Police Station and maintain a daily diary to chronicle any developments.

Move on and crash! “Minnie” apologizes to “Jôc Fawr” for causing trouble. Rum used to be with “Rong No. 1” before breaking up. Reveals she was forced by the arrest team to blame her, denies being a “gaming website goddess” and reveals she will sue, accusing her of causing damage.

At 7:20 pm on September 18, Ms Thanyanan or Suchanan Sucharitchinsri or Minnie, one of the suspects in the online gambling website case With a lawyer Explaining the cause of the image appearing together with Pol Col. Pakpoom Pisamai, deputy chief of Police Station 4, one of eight police officers charged in the online gambling website case. who is subordinate Pol Gen said. Surachet Hakphan, deputy chief of police, that he personally knows Pol. Col. Phakpoom, or deputy number one since 2020, after meeting at a party in Loei Province and dating for a short time. Before breaking up with him because he knew he had a family. Until the end of last year Coincidentally, they met and spoke again over a period of time. The first deputy would usually borrow some of his own money. Some return, some don’t. Maybe because the police salary is not very much. But most of the time, other people will pass it on to you. Because it’s overseas

Minnie further revealed that the photo of the couple that appeared was a photo she had taken, but the police from the 4th Police Station arrested them and seized their only phone. There was a policeman called Jay. Another tall, dark man apparently belongs to the Bureau of Immigration, so they question how the photo was leaked. Now everyone is suffering because of him. which is a picture that has not been published anywhere And the two policemen also forced themselves to write admitting that Secondary One has a personal interest in his gambling website. Until something happened If he had agreed to do it from then on, the police would have got what they wanted.

As for Pol, Gen. Surachet Only one person knows you. But he did not know him personally. and he did not know Attorney Tum Sitra Biabangkerd and he did not know Boss Tan Owner of Lamphun Warriors Football Club Personally, I would like to know where he is today. Ready to deny that he is the goddess of a gambling website. He runs a construction contracting business. Wholesale fashion clothing

“Personally, I want to apologize. Police General Surachet and P’A Supachai also took pictures together. and apologized to the deputy He was the first person to call when he was arrested even though the police asked him to call his relatives. But because I don’t know what anyone else will do. Confirming that we did not blame the 8 police officers and that we did not know about the transfer of money to the account,” Minnie said, adding that she was considering getting her lawyer to sue her accuser. Ready to emphasize that no one gave orders. Or set the script for it to do something? You will submit a request for clarification at Thung Maha Mek Police Station and keep a daily diary

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