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The real-name registration of stored-value cards in Hong Kong will be officially implemented on March 1, 2022. The regulations stipulate that stored-value cards that start to be sold on that day must register personal information before they can be used. From now until February 14, 3HK will launch special editions in Parknshop and Watsons online stores, extending the SoSIM activation period to February 23, 2023, to exhaust the transition period for real-name registration.

  • 3HK SoSIM 10 get 1 free
  • Online shop limited extension of the start-up period
  • No real-name registration required before February 23, 2023

Each SoSIM is priced at $33, and the service must be activated within 60 days after purchase from a retail store, otherwise the stored-value card will not work. In order to exhaust the transition period of real-name registration, SoSIMs sold on or before February 14th in Parknshop and Watsons online stores will be extended to February 23rd, 2023, and offer 10 cards get 1 free discount, with an average of about $30 per card .

Each SoSIM is provided with 30-day unlimited data service, the first 50GB is provided by 3HK 4G 42Mbps network, and then the speed is limited to 128kbps, and 5,000 minutes of local calls are set up.

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