Only 20 percent of licensed breeders: Nattu Visesham

Only 20 percent of licensed breeders

Monday, September 19, 2022 12:45 PM IST

Kannur: Kannur ji even when license is mandatory for breeders Only 20 percent have taken license in Lla. The ABC scheme came into force as a result of the increase in street dog nuisances, and since then, a license has been made compulsory for breeding dogs. But 80 percent of the breeders still do not have a license.
The license is issued at the panchayat level. License only for rabies vaccinated breeding dogs Issued only. The authorities have taken a license for all household pets and the recommendation is to confirm. But in many panchayats, the license is given only to those who ask for it. Many have to wait for hours to reach the panchayat He hesitates before getting his license. In many parts of the area, livestock poisoning is common License suspension and anti-venom vaccination in transport conditions The authorities are preparing to contact. By the end of this month, a separate team at the Panchayat level will be formed in Rs. He will go down and conduct the exam. A large amount for pets without a license from October The authorities said they will be fined. Also, a micro-chip system to identify licensed Tutum dogs. Through this, the respective organizations can know about the dogs. . Neutered street dogs will also be microchipped, the authorities said the same.
ABC in Patiyur
The center is ready
Having started in Patiyur to solve the street nuisance in the area ABC (Animal Birth Control) will open by the end of this month. Now only CCTV installation and minor electrical work is being done It will be completed within ten days. 1600 as sterilization fee. This will be included in the Zilla Panchayat Fund. Owners of breeding dogs are responsible for their own cost of neutering, and the authorities also said it should be hit. The organization has used the Public Sector Development Fund and its own funds and they are implementing an ABC scheme. Three cages for street dogs in various situations will be omitted. In the next phase, rehabilitation centers will also be started. .

15 people were arrested for catching the dog
Even when the street dog nuisance increases, people do not get people to catch the dogs. Amrasht was the victim in the middle. But in case of opening an ABC center in Patiyur, a foreign state 15 of them have been caught by dogs. Although there are currently five, the number of street vendors has increased in the area, in practice, this is not enough. The reward for catching a dog is 300 rupees. When the ABC center opened in Papinisherry, street dogs were neutered. Animal B We are from Nepal included in the RTH Control (ABC) scheme Those arrested were brought. 17,000 as salary Rs. Th.

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