Only 9 minutes! Nearly $60 million worth of ancient Celtic gold coins have been stolen from a German museum.


Thieves have stolen 483 ancient Celtic gold coins and other gold nuggets worth about 1.6 million euros ($1.6 million) from the Celtic-Roman Museum. Kelten-Romer-Museum in Manching, Bavaria, Germany. In the early morning of Tuesday, November 22

A Bavarian state police officer revealed on Wednesday, November 23, that the ancient Celtic gold coin. It is a coin that an archaeologist dug up in 1999 near what is now Manqing City.

Guido Lema, deputy head of the Bavarian state crime department. It revealed that information recorded in the Celtic-Roman Museum’s security system detected that The doors to the museum were opened at 1:26am on Tuesday, November 22, and the crew left the museum at 1:35am, the same as the gang. who the police believe must be a professional crime gang It only took him 9 minutes to break in and smash the glass display where ancient gold coins were on display. and sweep away those precious possessions

The police said that Before the crew broke into the museum It became clear, at 1:17 am, that the cable of the local telecommunications center about 1 kilometer from the museum had been cut. Makes the communication network in that region unavailable.

said Mr Lema The police are coordinating with ‘Interpol’ or the International Criminal Police Organization and Europol (a European police organization) are investigating to find this gang. which looted valuable historical assets The bowl-shaped Celtic gold coin, believed to date back to around 100 BC, was made from bohemian river gold.

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