“Only black top hats are worn by the Royal Family” Kim Eo-Jun, Hwang Hee-Doo… Sue for defamation of false information

▲ TBS ‘Kim Eo-Jun’s News Factory’ host Kim Eo-Jun. ⓒ Reporter Kang Min-seok

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Broadcaster Kim Eo-jun and Hwang Hee-doo, director of the Roh Moo-hyung Foundation, said that President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife Kim Kun-hee’s black hat with a black cover “is only worn by women of a family British royalty” has been turned. turned out to be false information. In response, the civic group Alternative Solidarity (CEO Min Kyung-woo) filed a complaint with the police on the 22nd for defamation.

On the 20th, on TBS’ ‘Kim Eo-jun News Factory’, Kim said, “Only women from the royal family wear mesh,” and said, “So women from other countries attended the funeral.” Even if you’re wearing a black hat, you’re not wearing a veil.”

Director Hwang also pointed out on his Twitter on the same day, “Kim Gun-hee’s fishnet hat is an item worn only by the royal family.” Subsequently, a number of articles were posted on the online community stating that Mrs Kim’s hat did not conform to British etiquette. There were also basic comments on the posts, such as “The mourners wore mourning clothes for the mourners” and “Maybe they went to England to write that”.

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▲ Emperor Naruhito and his wife, King Abdullah II of Jordan, attend the funeral of the late British Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London on the 19th (local time). ⓒLondon = AP/Newsis

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Fox News: “The veil is not limited to the royal family”… Office of the President: “The British royal family is asking for the veiled hat”

However, this claim was not true.

The US media outlet Fox News reported on the 17th that “The ladies of the royal family who attended various events in honor of the queen were caught wearing a ‘morning veil’. “The morning veil is not limited to the royal family,” he said. “The veil that covers the face has a long standing symbolism for religious reasons.”

Brigitte, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, wife of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Michelle, wife of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Sophie Gregory Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Carrie Johnson, wife of former British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, attended the Queen’s funeral Elizabeth II of England. He also wore a hat with a black cover.

An official from the presidential office said on the 21st, “The British royal family sent an official letter asking the first lady to wear a black hat as the dress code for the funeral. She wore a hat with . On the same day, OhmyNews reported also that Kim’s comments that “only British royal women wear black fishnet hats at funerals” are ‘generally false’.

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▲ Joint Representative of the People’s Alternative Unity. ⓒ Reporter Kang Min-seok

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Daehan Solidarity sues Kim Eo-jun and Hwang Hee-doo for defamation… “Deliberate comments to defame Mrs. Kim”

On the 22nd, the civic group Alternative Solidarity reported them to the police, saying, “Mr.

The Korea Daehan Alliance asserts that the comments of Mr. Kim and Director Hwang are not true and are deemed to be deliberate comments with the intention of damaging Mrs. Kim’s honor, not in the public interest.

In addition, Daehan Solidarity said: “Kim was sanctioned by the Korea Communications Standards Commission in December 2021 for ‘recommendation’ by spreading the false fact that Professor Jeong Kyung-shim, the wife of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, had been found guilty with only one citation in August 2021. “After being released from the vigilante committee, Kim did not reflect at all and repeatedly broadcast the false fact that he was ‘guilty of one citation’. “

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