Only for internet videos! “Tunerless smart TV with Android TV function” without the TV tuner | PPIH Co., Ltd.

-On sale at Don Quijote affiliated stores nationwide from December 10th (Friday)! ~

Don Quijote Co., Ltd. is a new product of Don Quijote’s original brand[passion price]from December 10, 2021 (Friday).“Tunerless smart TV with Android TV function” 24-inch: 19,800 yen (21,780 yen including tax), 42-inch: 29,800 yen (32,780 yen including tax)Will be on sale at Don Quijote affiliated stores nationwide (excluding some stores).

In recent years, the number of people who watch videos and movies on the Internet on a daily basis is increasing due to the increase in data communication speed represented by 5G, video distribution services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, and the enhancement of content. ..
This product dared to remove the tuner and installed an Android OS *Specializing in watching videos on the InternetIt is a product that has been made.In addition to watching videos on the Internet, we also connect home video game consoles to enhance the connection environment.Enjoy the game on the big screenThat, connecting to a DVD / Blu-ray player for projectionAppreciate the picture, Connect your laptopUsed as a dual monitorYou can use it in various scenes according to your needs.
* Installed OS is “Android ™ 9 Pie”

Don Quijote’s passion price has been renewed!
In February 2021, Don Quijote renewed its private brand (PB) “Passion Price” and announced the creation of a people brand (PB) to be created with customers.
Along with this, in order to realize what customers want and meet their expectations, the special site “Hall of Fame” (https: //) that solicits customers for “passionate prices”. is open.
For details, please refer to the press release announced on February 24 (

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