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Microsoft Japan announced that the price of Xbox Series X/S will increase from February 17. (Photo/Associated Press)

As early as August last year, Sony PS5 was raised in many countries around the world due to factors such as high inflation and exchange rates, including Taiwan. Microsoft, which was keeping on the sidelines, could no longer hold on to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sold in Japan will be released from February The price was raised on the 17th, and the total increase was 5,000 yen; only the Nintendo Switch of the three big game console giants has yet to raise its price.

Xbox Series X prices start atIt rose to 54,978 yen59,978 yen,Xbox Series S comes fromIt rose to 32,978 yen37,978 yen. Microsoft’s current price increase is only announced in Japan, and other markets have not made any moves yet. It is still unclear whether Taiwan will follow up.

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(Photo/Associated Press)

Microsoft Japan said in a statement that this was a difficult decision made after careful consideration of Japanese market conditions. In fact, Microsoft executives hinted at a possible price increase as early as last year, so it’s no surprise.

Taking the PS5 as a comparison, the previous increase in Japan was 5,500 yen. The price of the standard version of the PS5 with a disc drive was raised to 60,478 yen, and the price of the digital version was 49,478 yen.

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