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Only rely on free throws?See how Trae Young, who broke the doubt, led the Hawks to a 3-1 lead-NBA-Basketball

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Before this game, although the big score was only 1:2 behind the Nicks, it was a very stressful game for them, because Trae Young completely dominated the series with Nick. Whether you like him or not, It can’t be denied that he has been in the league for the third year and has played a top guard in the league, while the Nick’s own All-Star Randle has suffered a sharp drop in efficiency under the Hawks’ heavy defense.

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In this series, the Knicks adopted a variety of defensive strategies for Young’s pick-and-roll. When using hedge or drop coverage and other long-term and subdued strategies, they were repeatedly thrown by him or passed to Capela and Collins. Accepted; when Blitz is used to actively double-team, he will pass the ball to his teammates who are in the gap through a calm dribble. In the end, even at the beginning of the fourth game, he chose to switch defenses, and he still took the first place without a hassle. The long line defensive man dropped a layup or passed the ball. Nick had no choice but to take him in the entire series, and ended up in a 1:3 lagging dilemma.

In the current NBA’s mid-distance decline, the cut has become a significant learning. In the past two seasons, guards have scored more points in the penalty area than forwards and centers. This is the first time in NBA history. With a large number of cuts, having a stable throw can greatly increase the success rate. The person with the highest throw percentage this season is coincidentally Rose of the Nicks. He has made 108 throws this season and has 53.3%. Young’s high shooting percentage, and Young’s averaging 4 throws per game, a total of 252 shots, are ranked first in the league, and also has a 45.6 percent shooting percentage. It has become one of his main offensive methods. At the same time, because he also plays With a broad passing vision, he has averaged 9.4 assists per game this season, and his threat of dribbling has risen again.

In the final moments of the first game, Rose first tossed to tie the score, and then changed to Young toss to take away the game. Not only does it mean the generational change, but also shows the importance of modern basketball tossing, and as a new generation of tossing. One of the best shots, Young is already an offensive trump card that the league can’t ignore.

Young has always been criticized for only relying on free throws, but in this series he only got to the free throw line 5.5 times per game, but he still averaged 27.5 points and 10 assists, not relying on buyers but relying on pick-and-rolls. Accurate throws and passes pushed the Knicks into the abyss step by step.

On the defensive end, the dwarf Young’s defense has always been his weaker link. It should have been the Nick’s number one RBI target, but in the previous few games the Hawks asked him to defend the Nick’s shooter Bullock, the Nick team did not want to attack this point. The sign made Young hide successfully on the defensive end. In the 3rd and 4th games, the Knicks added young defenders to help the ball holder pick and roll. They wanted to attack Young through dislocation. However, the Hawks also have a countermeasure, which is to use Hard Hedge and let Young take the hold first. The ball player forced him to retreat on his path, and then returned to the person he was defending. Nick was too slow to upload the ball at this point, and there were no other qualified ball-holding points to make decisions except Rose. As a result, Young can often return to his original defender safely and eliminate the chance of being misplaced in singles.

If you don’t know what Hard Hedge is, you can watch this video:

On the other hand, Randle’s entire series is constantly limited by the Eagles’ defensive strategy. With Capela’s help at the basket and Hunter and other strikers taking turns, the state and the regular season are simply different. Head coach Thibodeau asked him to play the pick-and-roll with the extremely good Rose in order to get him, but the Eagles switched defenses, and Randle still missed many misplaced singles opportunities. He always likes to retreat in the face of short defenders. Shooting instead of cutting in, but still can’t find the hit rate. Nick’s offense this season can be said to be carried out around Randle. In the case of his serious crash, it is not too unexpected to fall behind 1:3.

Although Randle’s performance was not satisfactory, and he had just won the MIP, he became a target of the Internet, but don’t forget that Nick could not make the playoffs without his regular performance, and this was only his first time. The playoff journey does not need to be too harsh. It’s just that Young’s performance in the playoffs for the first time was so outstanding that Randle was overshadowed by comparison, but because of this, Young’s age should be able to perform such a performance, and he should be given more. Certainly, because perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of the next alliance superstar.

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