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Only the packaging sold 10 million copies of’KF Mask’… How to tell a fake?

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Companies that have sold over 10 million copies of unlicensed masks with unconfirmed quarantine functions have been caught by cheating with KF only for packaging.

It is not easy to distinguish between fake and real, but on the outside, reporter Park Jin-ju will tell you how it is different.

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A mask manufacturer in Gumi, Gyeongbuk.

Masks that have just come out of the machine are all over the floor.

These are unlicensed masks whose quarantine function is not confirmed.

These masks are transferred to another company in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do and placed in a package bearing the KF-AD mark to block saliva droplets.

It is a so-called’packaging change’ that turns an unlicensed mask as if it was licensed for quarantine.

[식약처 관계자]

“It’s crazy…Shall we all shoot?”

This company purchased 5.74 million unlicensed masks as demand for salivary mask masks increased in July last year, and sold them in its own company’s KF AD mask packaging.

In the same way, 5.66 million unlicensed masks were sold in KF94 packaging.

It was tricked by the product of the same company, but if you look closely, it makes a difference.

Officially licensed KF AD masks have two horizontal dots next to the ear strap, but unlicensed products are vertical or have only one dot.

Masks that are also approved for the KF 94 mask have the product name engraved and the dotted line at the junction is thick, but the unlicensed product does not have the product name and the dotted line is also blurred.

[한운섭 단장/식약처 위해사범중앙조사단]

“It does not go through the (quality) test. It is a product that cannot be said to be a product that has protection against droplets or safety.

All of these illegally distributed masks sold 11.4 million copies, worth 4.3 billion won.

[송민선/서울 양천구]

“I’ve never thought of being a fake because I live without looking at the outside, but I’m very anxious and angry.”

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said it plans to arrest the representative of the company for violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and conduct a strict investigation into a company that manufactures and sells fake masks that threaten the public’s health.

This is Jinjoo Park on MBC News.

(Video coverage: Heo Won-cheol / Video editing: Ji-Young Ji)

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