“ONYX” generates a guest revenue of ten billion Shoe Tailor Accelerate pinning alliances

All this became a trigger to “ONYX Hospitality Group” Growing up outside the hometown as “Regional Brand” (Regional Brand) Proactive portfolio expansion in many countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Maldives which are strategic areas where room rates can be achieved. Ready to give a new definition to the organization to come “The best mid-sized hotel management company in Southeast Asia” (The Best Mid-Size Hotel Management Company in South East Asia)

Yuttachai Charanajit Chief Executive Officer Onyx Hospitality Group Hotel management operators, resorts and serviced apartments have 3 main brands: Amari, OZO and Shama.Companions “Italian Houses” Currently occupying 50 percent of income% of the total revenue in the Italtai group projection that the important strategy of “Onyx” is to focus on the market “Southeast Asia” which is the hottest in the world right now! It is an area that many tourists want to visit in the post-COVID-19 era. The company must not lose focus at this point.

in “Malaysia” It is a new and very important area for ONYX. Consider that if you get a Malaysian market It’s like having a Singapore market in itself. because there is a very good travel flow from foreign tourists and businessmen So ONYX plans to open operations for all 3 major brands covering Malaysia’s economic and tourism areas during this year.

ONYX aims to create “Quality Growth” (Quality Growth) As of now, there are 44 hotels and serviced apartments in 7 countries, covering Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Maldives, Bangladesh and Laos. .

According to the plan, in the next two years, ONYX will open 11 more hotels and serviced apartments, all managed, with one of them wearing a hat, both joint ventures with Indian investors in ready to manage them, that is “Amari Raya Maldives” New hotel in Maldives under total investment of 110 million US dollars ONYX holds 3-5 shares%

“As for new hotel investment projects owned by the ONYX group Need to slow down, have to wait another 2-3 years for everything to be stable Causing ONYX to focus more on income from long-term management. Because they still don’t want to create more burdens. After 3 years of the COVID-19 crisis Causing everyone to stop investing, but now it’s starting to see investors, hotel owners want to put in more money. by improving or rebranding to make the product look fresher and more competitive.”

in the corner “Building Long Term Partnerships” (Quality Partnership) ONYX wants to be a player in the market at the level Mind’s Head” It is flexible, easily accessible, ready to adapt. Tailored” in accordance with the requirements of investor partners looking for cooperation with strong brands Promote each other’s business potential Currently major domestic and international investors such as Buriram United, Malaysian real estate developer, SP SEITA Group trust ONYX, JR Kyushu from Japan, Tai Hung Fai Hong Kong and Panchshil from India.

“ONYX will expand its portfolio of hotels and serviced apartments to 55 in the next two years, with revenue reaching Bt10 billion when fully operational. By the nature of the new hotel It is like a new pair of shoes when they are worn, there will be some pain because before everything falls into place and you can walk comfortably, it takes up to 3 years to have a stable income. ”

Although ONYX’s total revenue target in 2023 is 8,800 million baht, growing 60% compared to 2022 and better than 2019, which generated a total revenue of about 7,000 million baht, with 62.84% of revenue from Amari brand, Shama brand 16.62%, OZO brand 12.06% and other brands. Another 8.48% from the ONYX group

After 2023 can be adjusted “Room price” up to an average of 25-30% compared to 2022, the target is higher than 2019, which is considered highly adjustable “aggressive” Still, the main reason for the price increase is not only because the demand for foreign tourists is returning, but there are factors “inflation” Come put pressure on the costs of goods, services, energy prices and rising interest rates! causing people with debt to be diligent to earn more money to cover the cost of fat extrusion

“At the moment, costs are running faster than revenue. Cause everyone now to run for as much money as possible We have to wear shoes too. Nike Zoom let’s run. “ YuttachaiCompare to see the picture. “All this is to maintain gross profit (Gross Profit) of the Amari brand, which is at 40%, the OZO brand 45-50%, and the Shama brand 60-70%.

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