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A few days ago, a report came out that gives some relief to the central government’s plan to make the whole of India digital villages. According to the report of Ookla, a global internet speed testing agency, India’s internet speed has recorded a huge improvement. According to the report, October was the fastest ever recorded in the country. But India is not even in the top 100 countries in terms of international internet speed. Another fact is that India is behind compared to the poor countries of the world.

UAE tops Ookla’s October 2022 mobile internet speed list The UAE was also ranked first in the previous ranking. The average download speed in UAE is 138.82 Mbps and the average upload speed is 21.02 Mbps. The global average download speed was recorded at 33.43 Mbps and upload speed was 9.05 Mbps.

According to the latest data for October, India is ranked 113 in terms of internet speed. Last month it was in 118th place. India was ranked 115th at this time last year. According to data at the end of October 2022, the world’s average fixed broadband speed is 72.40 Mbps download and 31.16 Mbps upload.

India ranks 79th in terms of fixed broadband speed. But Kenya is far behind in terms of development and ranks 97th in the list of mobile internet speeds. The average internet speed in Kenya is 20.31 Mbps download and 9.70 Mbps upload. The average internet speed in Nigeria, which ranks 99 on the list, is 19.87 Mbps download and 9.29 Mbps upload.

According to TRAI data, only Jio network in India provides speed above 15 Mbps. But all other telecom companies provide speed below 10 Mbps. China ranks 5th in the list of people who use the Internet the most. At the same time last year, China was ranked 11th.

Norway is second on the list. Internet speed in Norway is 129.81 Mbps. Qatar (126.03 Mbps), South Korea (125.17 Mbps), China (113.50 Mbps), Netherlands (109.45 Mbps) and Denmark (109.29 Mbps) are the countries with the fastest internet speed. Haiti has the slowest internet speed. Haiti’s average internet speed, ranked 141, is 3.77 Mbps.

English summary: India improves global ranking for mobile internet speed