Home Entertainment Oooh! Rabbit Phannipa reveals the agreement to be with Teacher Paiboon asking to buy clothes for 50,000 per month

Oooh! Rabbit Phannipa reveals the agreement to be with Teacher Paiboon asking to buy clothes for 50,000 per month

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Rabbit Phannipha revealed the agreement when they first met. Asking Teacher Paiboon to buy clothes for 50,000 per month, sometimes they just want it. If you can’t fit it, keep it in the cupboard.

Called as a couple who encountered heavy monsoons, it is for the pair of Teacher Paiboon and Rabbit Pannipha, on November 24, 2021, Teacher Paiboon and Rabbit came to open up their love story in the talk show show on Channel 31

Age difference of 12-13 years, are there any arguments?

Teacher Paiboon : Yes, maybe they will think like a child. Why don’t you think?

rabbit : You’re thinking old fashioned. not keeping up with the vocabulary of teenagers And it’s like, hey, hey, hey, sometimes you don’t catch up with something like this. we explain When explaining, sometimes I don’t understand. It’s stressful.

Teacher Paiboon : It’s like teasing us, but the pearl is so bad. Maybe he’s watching something right? Do you see it? Maybe he’s going to watch the trending news, isn’t that right?

The relationship with the rabbit has an agreement with Teacher Paiboon as well ?

rabbit : My first agreement when we were together was to ask for $50,000 a month to buy clothes. This one only asks to escape from salary. Sometimes we want it if we can’t put it in the closet.

Teacher Paiboon : It wasn’t, we didn’t have that kind of support, but it was troubling at first.

rabbit : At first, let me stay.

Teacher Paiboon : I’m stumped. First month, give it to me. Later it started not. It’s not necessary anymore.

Have you ever asked why you have to buy clothes for 50,000 baht?

Teacher Paiboon : I asked, I said no need. He said that he put it on and people remember it. Take pictures for people to remember Now, they come to tease me again that they only wear the same clothes. Brand-name ones, whatever the occasion We didn’t go to Syria. Most of the younger siblings are dressed to sing more.

rabbit : Fashion, we wore this outfit for a MV shoot, and we changed another outfit.

Teacher Paiboon : But his offer was only for one month. After that, I can’t take it anymore.

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