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Oop Wiriya temporarily brakes the Mae Chompoo makeover project See Sae is not scared yet?

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Oop Wiriya temporarily breaks the makeover project for Nong Chompoo’s parents After meeting Sae, still not scared? I don’t think I’m going to be a star Seeing goodness and hope helps to earn extra income Have beautiful photos in the house

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after Oop Wiriya Pong-Atharn famous sculptor Post a message via private Facebook, stating that Chompoo’s parents will soon be transformed into a beautiful and handsome young woman, while reiterating that she does not intend to make both of them as stars. Just to have a beautiful picture attached to the house, including the cost for both of them, 10,000 baht each.

But after the post went out, there were both those who agreed and disagreed. Until it became a light drama, the latest on June 13, 2021 live news entertainment online direct line to Oops Wiriya to inquire about such issues

Recently, the post said that she would transform the parents of Nong Chompoo to be handsome and beautiful. Has the drama started again? “Oh… it’s a small matter. It doesn’t matter in the bamboo thicket. The matter of the story is that things are getting better now. As soon as someone made a beautiful picture of your mother, we saw that the mother’s outline was really beautiful, and the father was handsome. They should have taken their parents to take pictures. When I went to Kok Kok a few days ago Talk to both of them if, once in a lifetime, take a picture and keep it at home.”

We are not going to mold your parents into stars. You have to listen to all the FC’s because there are people who come and scold me too! Still not scared? Isn’t it still sluggish? It’s not. It didn’t make him a star. but to bring him to make a makeover to take photos as a souvenir And the important thing is to have a sponsor for our team that makes diamonds and gemstones. which will cost 1 ten thousand baht for each person.”

“Go shoot at Kok but the date has not yet been set. If you’re free, when you’re comfortable, take a picture. The important thing is to help indirectly that we raise money for parents. We don’t give money to anyone for free. We have to work and we like him who is hardworking and earns a living. Do not share the hand of the beggar We would like to promote earn extra income”

“I understand with FC that I didn’t make him a star. Twenty thousand money is not easy to find. Maybe it’s been a year before I can find it. Then people have to eat and live for their stomachs forever. No one has been drowning in a world of sorrow for the rest of his life. I want to tell all FC Some people don’t understand, read a single line and curse at me. Here it is our way. about beauty and fashion.”

I once made a mistake. making the two husband and wife outstanding But this time I wanted to do it because we saw his goodness. Everyone said that in over a year they have not seen smiles from their parents. But when Oop goes away, why do parents have smiles? Because I’m sincere and I’m always looking for it. never divided When it’s all over, come here, no.”

“You try to look at the fan page, many people know that when you go to see me and see my parents, Chompoo always. Maybe there is a secret Some people didn’t let me go, but I secretly went to find orange fish, bought milk and sent them, and we talked all the time. After discussing this with my parents, they asked if it was good. So we told the reason that it’s not something ugly. not doing anything illegal We work from our own hard water.”

“And the most important thing is to have income, people have to eat and need to continue. The economy is not good right now. Money is rare And then he stopped selling cloth for several days. We said that we will go to clarify the fans themselves. Everyone agreed that they wanted their parents to earn money.”

“The other thing is that we haven’t set a date yet. For a moment, let him calm down. make everything ok and we are the ones who do not close when talking Open all, want the fans who love him to know his movements. 95% agree. There will be a few people who come to curse, we do not understand that in order to do good deeds to help two people, there are still devils. Sampwesi, a wandering ghost comes to curse.”

After we posted it there was drama. I felt that my parents were not comfortable. He told me that I would like to suspend this project first. He apologized to us But we say it’s okay don’t rush Whenever you feel comfortable doing it, do it. Like then to do Kok The Series We went to ask for permission, but both of them did not allow it because there were many discomforts. We respect his decision.”

FC must read the post to the end. Reiterating that we weren’t thinking of making him a star. He is already living his way of life. But we all need something new in our lives. has changed good things come this is working I want to explain to the society to understand It’s not that I’m going to hang around. do what I’m good at because I’m in the entertainment industry I can’t let me defeat ghosts or not. I do beautiful things about stylists, makeup, fashion shows, makeup, runways, Everywhere Everyday It’s my runway, oops model Thailand (laughs).”

Confirm that you are not hung up or sticking to any currents? “I’m already famous. I have news when I post something that journalists use to write. We go for the truth, do the truth, speak the truth. When he’s still not okay, we respect the decision. But we still feel good that just now, my mother said to me that I’d like to suspend the matter of changing the look here first, right? Show that the tour goes down to your mother. Or maybe there are journalists to interview, which really It’s not a death sentence. not a big deal But I understand that you live in other provinces, when you encounter this kind of situation, you may not be able to adjust

After this, is it to wait for parents to feel comfortable before starting to make a makeover? “Yes, take it easy, but we will have to fly to Kok anyway because we have to go to film Sawan Kok Kok The Series of Khun Somyot Srisomboon, which the plot is not about the lawsuit at all. But it’s a music movie about the way of life of the villagers. There are Aunt Pluck, Uncle Mok and Aunt’s son playing. Then there is us, P’Jig (Nawarat) and many other celebrities. The movie will also have a merit-making scene, which may require people from Kok Kok villages to play. But I can’t go to take photos because I’m infected with covids.

Don’t have parents and sister Chompoo to play with, right? “Actually, I want to play it (laughs) because there is a merit-making scene. I used to yap with my parents as well. Let’s play for me. It’s getting money. He joked that it would be good or not. He thought that Oppa was joking, actually the producers wanted it. But let’s talk about it Work, make money, we take it all. It’s not illegal, so just do it.”

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