Home Entertainment Oops, true or false, share that sound clip is leaked! Claims to be the manager. Nam Nwan.

Oops, true or false, share that sound clip is leaked! Claims to be the manager. Nam Nwan.

by news dir

Due to the issue of high society champion Nam Wan’s ex-boyfriend came out to post just about the behavior. That she likes to party and go to pubs and bars in Ekkamai. refuse to go home He was also very drunk. Even though I already know that this period is during the Covid-19 situation.

By the latest on the Facebook fan page, See Through has picked up this story. and claiming that the sound clip was leaked which is the voice of the manager of nectar by the post stating that the caption

Both clips feature a person named “Wan” about going to a party. Which the woman is the one who admits that the sweet name actually goes to the party but did not go wrong with men But accepting the play… and feeling shocked about it.
In the clip, the woman also stated that the story is about two people who should not be associated with the location. These people are seniors. In addition to that, the men also talked about posting certain things. On the women’s side, it’s better not to save yourself. Anyone who goes down will be all unlucky because they are targeted.
After listening to the clip, I have to say that I really don’t know who’s voice this is? But the shock is that the page has drawn a headline. “Netizens are skeptical! Skinny, see the bone, the sound clip of the manager slipping out of her mouth, ‘NamWan’ party hard!” There is also a picture of the girl “Namwan the face” Raknaphak Wongthanatat, along with details from the news that she was prosecuted after the authorities. The group gathered together at a pub in Ekamai to compose a clip.


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