Open 3 reasons for “addicted to COVID”, the risk of diabetes has increased to 1 million, met 20,000 people

“Addicted to COVID” As well as experiencing long covid conditions with common symptoms the results of many studies also found that After recovering from COVID-19 Whether children or adults there is a chance of getting sickdiabetes follows and much higher but higher for any reason It is still something that needs to be investigated.

Anant Chongkaewwittaya virology researcher Biotechnology-NSTDA. He said the evidence is clear The risk of diabetes is much higher when infected with COVID. But the cause of the increase is still a hypothesis that needs further testing. An article in Nature Metabolism summarizes three possible causes of the increase in diabetes in people with COVID-19, all of which can occur at the same time. cause symptoms of diabetes after being infected with COVID as follows

In addition, research was published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal. Data was collected on 181,000 people who had been ill with COVID-19 from a population of over 8.5 million people.addicted to covid There is a risk of diseasediabetesWithin a year of recovering from COVID This risk is not just limited to seriously ill patients. And it does not depend on people with health problems such as being overweight or with high blood pressure. Even those who were healthy before becoming ill with COVID have no reduced risk of developing diabetes when recovering from COVID. It shows that if there are 1 million people with COVID, there will be people with diabetes. Which is up to 20,000 new patients, counting as a long time for COVID that can happen

Severity of diabetes when infected with COVID

severitydiabeteslinked to the severity of COVID-19 in people who have never had diabetes before If you have severe symptoms with COVID-19 There is a riskdiabetesIncrease for those who already have diabetes When sick with COVID-19 The severity is greater than those who do not have diabetes. Because it is more difficult to control diabetes the increasing complication of diabetes Moreover in diabetic patients with COVID-19 Medication may need to be adjusted. or unable to take certain drugs Therefore, close consultation with a doctor is necessary. to prevent acute complications of diabetes that may occur

In addition, among children with type 1 diabetes, complications such as acidosis from diabetes increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Children will be breathing faster, tired, panting because the severity of diabetes increases. The body cannot produce insulin so insulin and fluids must be given. For adults with diabetes, acidosis may not occur. But if the sugar is not well controlled, the symptoms of thirst, dry mouth, dry throat, and urine will be more frequent. Getting worse while sick with COVID

However, said Dr. Anan that the management prevents the cases ofdiabetesin COVID patients Many dimensions seem to require detailed research.