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Open 5 tigers to control the import of “Prayut” vaccine, high stakes 120 million doses

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Procurement of Primary Vaccine-Alternative Vaccine 105.5 million doses by 2021 and 120 million doses by ’22 to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic It is the government’s only way of salvation. General Prayut Chan-ocha

Announcement of the Center for Epidemic Management of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) regarding the management guidelines for the Covid-19 vaccine. Article 3 has “break through the deadlock”, the “emergency vaccine” claims and vaccines. do not show up

by giving “5 Tiger Vaccines” Department of Disease Control, Government Pharmaceutical Organization National Vaccine Institute, Thai Red Cross Society, Chulabhorn Royal College have duties and powers in medical administration or public health Cooperate in procuring, ordering or importing vaccines against COVID-19. urgently

Tiger No. 1 National Vaccine Institute as a representative of the Ministry of Health Provide 61 million doses of AstraZeneca-Main Vaccine (the first 26 million doses, 6,216.25 million baht, 35 million doses, 6,387.28 million baht).

Tiger 2, Department of Disease Control Provides the main vaccine – Sinovac, amounting to 19 million doses, consisting of the first 2 million doses, amounting to 1,228.20 million baht, divided into 3 lots.

The first lot on February 24, 2021 of 200,000 doses, the second lot on March 20, 2021 of 800,000 doses, and the third lot on April 10, 2021 of 1 million doses.

The 2nd time, the cabinet approved on April 27, 2021, 5 hundred thousand doses of the Sinovac vaccine, with a limit of 321,604,000 baht.

The third time is based on the results of the loan utilization screening committee. In the meeting No. 21/2564, No. 22/21 and No. 23/21, the Department of Disease Control purchased the 3rd Synovac vaccine for 5.6 million doses.

Latest – 4th time, on July 6, 2021, a meeting of the Cabinet approved the Department of Disease Control to provide an additional 10.9 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, with a limit of 6,111 million baht.

In addition, there are also “donated vaccines” from China-Sinovac, amounting to 1 million doses, as follows: April 24, 2021, 500,000 doses, June 5, 2021, 500,000 doses.

In total, the Department of Disease Control has over 20 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, both purchased and donated on hand.

In addition, the Department of Disease Control (in collaboration with the National Vaccine Institute) has provided an additional main vaccine – mRNA technology, which is Pfizer vaccine, amounting to 20 million doses.

The third tiger, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization Provided as an “intermediary” procuring alternative vaccines-Moderna vaccines At least 10 million doses, with the first lot of 5 million doses coming in Q4’21 and the second lot of 4-5 million doses coming in Q1’20.

The 4th Tiger, Chulabhorn Royal College the hottest tiger After unlocking the ability to import optional vaccines or sino farm vaccine

The first lot is 1 million doses, the price is reserved for 888 baht per needle, including vaccine, transportation, storage, side effects insurance. But does not include hospital fees and medical fees for vaccination services.

Chulabhorn Royal College Determine the applicant for the allocation “Option Vaccines” Phase 1 has 4 items. Charities and NGOs on social security, economy, inequality The risk level of the chance of infection and the level of risk on the location

2. Do not allow to charge vaccine and other service fee to the vaccinated person and do not seek commercial benefits. Violate a fine of 15 times the value of vaccine allocated. 3. Contribute to society by donating 10% of the allocated vaccine amount. 4. Do not charge hospital service fees to support vaccination from injected recipients.

For the 2nd phase, “General Round”, 40,000 rights of the 2nd lot, 1 million doses, 1,554 baht per needle, 1 right per 1 account, ID card number or passport number Vaccination rights cannot be transferred to another person. Willing and willing to waive the right to receive the mainstream vaccine.

The 5th Tiger, Thai Red Cross Society The coming force – overtaking the curve. It will be the purchasing agency for Modernna vaccines. which will be booked through agents and “intermediaries”, namely the Government Pharmaceutical Organization to inject services to vulnerable people and various groups “for free”

Including allocating and distributing to the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) some parts at the price of 1,300 baht per needle in October 2021 with conditions for injections to 5 target groups

1. Handicapped, bedridden patients Pregnant women 2. Elderly people 70 years and over 3. Medical personnel and nurses in the wilderness 4. Those who work full time in the Child Development Center Kindergarten teachers or teachers, teachers who teach in schools

5. Personnel who must go out to work in contact with people According to the vaccination program of the Provincial Administration Organization and people who have not been vaccinated due to obstruction of regulations or laws

As 5 Tigers, the wind under the wings of the government of Gen. Prayut

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