Open 6 taboos for “charging your phone” Anyone who likes to charge their mobile the wrong way, check quickly.

Can’t deny that “Mobile phone” It is almost the fifth factor for people all over the world. and there is a new release New technologies keep coming out. Cell phone fans can’t keep up with changing models. But who doesn’t like changing their phone? Because it is to be used only when necessary. cell phone treatment Staying with us for a long time is probably the best way.

One of the important devices of a mobile phone is the battery, and I must say. is another story that Netizens flock to share and a lot of attention for the method “pick up the phone” When the battery is low, I think many people do it today. Maybe it’s the wrong way. Komchadluek Online collected methods mobile phone charger the right way to deposit

6 taboo charging the phone

1. The main factor that will indicate that batteryit will last for a long time or deteriorate faster than before for tablet Or smartphones, it is better to let the battery power be more than 50% The more often we leave the battery to 0% , the faster the battery will deteriorate.

2. Do not try to charge it to 100% because that causes Batteries gradually deteriorate, so if the battery drops to 40%, it should be able to raise the cable to charge. and should be raised to 90% level.

3. Don’tphone chargerleave it overnight Or if you want to raise it to 100%, it should only be done once a month.

4. Whencharge the batteryWhen it is full, you should dispose of the charger immediately. due to the fully charged state of the battery It’s like our muscles are tense. that we remove the charger It will help to relax the battery. and no high pressure

5. It is better to let the battery run to 50%, but as not everyone can keep up with it. Best of all, when there’s time, pick up the chargercompatible and should be raised to the 90% level.

6. Don’t let your phone get too hot. If you feel that your phone is very hot while charging the battery, it is better to remove the case. so that the mobile phone can cool down and should avoid exposing the mobile phone to sunlight

6 taboos for charging mobile phones

These are all good tips for caringMobile phone your smartphone to be effective and stay in use for the longest time

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