Open a case to prosecute “outside media” for invading the place “shooting in Nong Bua Lamphu”

of the case Immigration office or “Immigration” has revoked the foreign correspondent visa or “External media” invading Nong Bua Lamphu State Child Development Center To report the incident of “shooting in Nong Bua Lamphu”, 2 people, including MS.ANNA MARGUERITE COREN Sex, female, age 47, Australian nationality and MR. DANIEL JOHN HODGE A man, aged 34, of British nationality, before being detained in the Udon Thani Province area, then brought to investigate all the details

latest Pol Lt Gen Surachet Hakpan, Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Police.investigated foreign journalists; or “External media” Alone, identifying the two persons who entered Thailand on October 6, 65, traveling from Hong Kong to Thailand using a PH.30 visa or a type of tourist visa from Ms. Anna using an Australian passport; a Mr. Daniel Use a British passport

Usually when going in you have to come in for“travel” alone unable to come to work But the two people returned to film the news on the spot. several days continuously and spread news images around the world. which is a criminal offense The Act on the Management of Foreign Workers BE 2560 (2017) There is a fine of 5,000-10,000 baht.

Pol Gen Surachet further stated that he had ordered the police to conduct an immigration search.“Revocation of Visa” or permission to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand before and is being detained for further investigation. The matter of“Invasion of government offices” From the preliminary investigation He confirmed that both parties had entered the childcare center while the door was open. And no rope obstructed the view in any way. There are also people Including public health officers, VHV officers, nearly 10 people inside. have asked from the staff whether you can enter or not the officers have informed that they can enter In this section, all relevant witnesses are investigated. and will see footage from the media at the venue again He said the matter Police General DamrongsakThere will be another press briefing at 7:00 pm

for Ms. Anna Coren is a reporter based in CNN’s Asia-Pacific bureau in Hong Kong, holds a bachelor’s degree in communications. Charles Stewart University in Australia Has been a journalist for over 20 years, reporting on important events. In many areas around the world, such as news about the fight against IS in Iraq, news about the Ukraine crisis, Typhoon Haiyan the situation that hit the Philippines, News about the death of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il from North Korea, News about the Earthquake Mawr and the Tsunami in Japan, News about the nuclear crisis in North Korea including the news about the big flood in Thailand in 2011

He is also a news anchor. For a live broadcast of CNN Newsroom from a studio in Hong Kong. and is the moderator of TORG Asia, interviewing world leaders, athletes, leading business people. and influential people of the world

award Ms. Anna It used to be, for example, in 2020 as one of CNN’s news teams winning breaking news awards. from the Royal Television Society To follow the news about the Hong Kong protests in 2019 and other awards