Open a list of new Korean series. February 2023

The month of love has come around once again. Although the smell of sweetness is spreading far and wide, but this month an interesting new Korean series is coming back in a variety of genres that are ready to please sweet people, drama people, fantasy people and action people who will be in all directions Including there will be a sequel to the famous series that many people are waiting for to see the end of the story which will also be broadcast this month What will the story be? Let’s begin.

Our Flower Youth | Youth Legend

A series of young people in the background in a retro style that tells the story of the love that forms between the Crown Prince who has been the subject of a mysterious curse and has a long-standing wound in his heart, and a woman accused of murdering his own family on the night she was about to marry, going through hardships together

star Hyungsik Park who returned to the historic role for the first time in six years and John Sony Young actresses who are currently working on many broadcasts Ready to start the first episode on February 6, which will arrive after that Lost: The Other Side 2 Will come regularly every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 pm (Korea) on tvN and with Thai subtitles on Prime Video

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Love to Hate You | Tick ​​hard, love hard | love of war

The romantic comedy series for adults is coming to please the pupils of the middle-aged sweet line The story will be told. A young lawyer who hates losing to men, played by Kim Ok Bin with a young A-list actor who doesn’t trust women and doesn’t want to be in love, played by U Tae Oh One day they are forced to go on a date.

Still love to hate you Netflix K Tablet EditionStill love to hate you Netflix K Tablet Edition

it will be Kim Ji Hoon from Korean Money Heist a Go Won Hee from Revolutionary Sisters Let’s add an army of fun too. This project series is a Netflix original and will premiere on February 10 in Thai subtitles and worldwide.

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The Heavenly Idol | The High Priest’s Memorial

A fantasy-romantic series adapted from a wetoon of the same name Rambrary A high priest who represents the gods of the world in battle against the invasion of demons Rambrary lose consciousness and wake up to become a young idol who is not yet famous Woo Yeon Woo

Heavenly iDol tvN poster 200123Heavenly iDol tvN poster 200123

This project will be the final result first. Kim Min Kyu The main character of the story will also go to serve the nation. Ko Bo Gyul – Lee Jang Woo – Tak Jae Hoon – Ye Ji Won Ready to air the first episode on February 15, which will come regularly every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm (Korea) after Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2 on tvN with Thai subtitles on Viu

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Big Bet 2 | casino2

A series that focuses on a Korean man who thrived in the casino industry in the Philippines but faced many times because of his shady business. In Part 2, this series will continue the unfinished story of hunting and catching where end

Big Bet 2D Poster 260123Big Bet 2D Poster 260123

The series can still be Choi Min Shik – Son Suk Koo – Lee Dong Hwi come to lead an army of actors as usual Part 2 will begin airing on February 15 through the streaming system on the Disney + Hotstar app.

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Taxi Driver Season 2 | Luxury taxi 2

The return of the Taxi Drivers team a Kim Do Ki with a mission to bring justice to victims of illegally closed cases Confirm the intensity and definitely more exciting than before.

Taxi Driver 2 SBS 250123Taxi Driver 2 SBS 250123

Lee Je Hoon keep coming back to pick up with Pyo Ye Jin – Kim Ui Sung and a full team of actors ready to broadcast from Reimbursement The first episode will be on February 17th. Will air regularly every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 pm (Korea) on SBS and Thai subtitles are usually copyrighted by Viu.

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Call It Love | say it’s love

This new original romance series from Disney+ Hotstar tells the story of a young couple whose beginnings intertwine with revenge. But later they both sympathize with each other and try to understand. and create warmth in the heart

Call It Love D Cover 301122Call It Love D Cover 301122

star Kim Young Kwang with Lee Sung Kyung join Sung Joon – Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani) – Kim Ye Won The series will premiere on the Disney + Hotstar app with English subtitles on February 22.

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Island Part 2 | Part 2 | Devil’s Island Part 2

A series that tells the story of the battle between humans and demons that haunt Jeju Island to plan to take over the world which has been revealed for 6 episodes in Part 1 at the end of last year. And it’s time for part 2 to continue with the ending which still has no way of guessing what it will be.

Island Poster Character RatingIsland Poster Character Rating

For the main actor, still the same team Kim Nam Gil – Lee Da Hee – Cha Eun Woo – Sung Joon Ready to start the first part after 24 February on TV and Thai people can wait to see it on Prime Video.

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The goodness of February, in addition to having many good series broadcast for the first time All stories this month are still confirmed for Thai people to watch with full copyright subtitles. If anyone has a chance Copyright invites you to watch through Thai subtitles. Have fun and enjoy watching the series as usual^^

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