Open a new amulet case – “9 Phra Kejituraphitphonchai Coins”, Generation 2

Open a new amulet cartridge. historical coins Legend to Legend “9 Phra Kechituraphitphonchai Coins” Batch 2

“Medal Meister Jaturapithaphonchai 9” for the first time was a monk’s medal established in 1975. It has gained popularity and faith from the beginning until now. It is a collection of monks that includes the monks of the time. by the best famous faculty members of that period It is a good set of coins, along with Buddha qualities. There are many experiences among disciples and worshippers.

“Jaturapithaphonchai” is a blessing that will bring happiness and victory in 4 ways. It is a blessing that monks usually give to villagers after making merit. These 4 blessings are 1. Age is to live long and have a good life. 2. Caste is to be beautiful fame and honor 3. Sukha: happiness, comfort and convenience of having followers

In the year 2022, “Medal Chaturaphitphonchai 2” has been raised again in more than half a century for 47 years (1975-2022), which is in the making of the time. Provost Rattanachayathorn Rattanachai Temple (China), Muang District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province The chairman of the building said that the monk Chaturaphitphonchai 2 in the year 2022 is full of mercy. He is well versed in all the well known Vedas. All of them are the chief monks of the present age. have a purpose to bring income come to restore the old ubosot, over 400 years old, from Rattanachai Temple (China), Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province and built the Buraphachan Tent, Chaturapithaphonchai, to worship the grace of the 9 Buraphachan

and one of nine coins in the history of Legend to Legend” Medal 9 Phra Kechi Chaturaphitphonchai “Class 2, Reverend Father Somboon Piyadhammo, 101 years old, Monk of 5 Lands, Master Monk of Wat Lamphan Bong, Suphanburi Province.

Reverend Grandfather Somboon is a monk with the highest mercy. He is also humble and modest, and you are beautiful in yourself. The most obvious is the experience of your sacred objects. All are testimonies that confirm that it is beyond good. But he likes to keep himself introverted like a normal monk. Sacred objects used by disciples are effective in Maha Sena, compassionate dogs, and safety. being vulnerable The most obvious is the experience of your sacred objects. All are testimonies that confirm that it is beyond good. Each case after another came back to praise him. He humbled himself to the point of being normal.

Medal 9 Phra Kejituraphithapornchai, model 2, the Reverend Father Somboon Piyadhammo, is an oval-shaped coin, the obverse is a half-body image. The back is a talisman.

Provost Sunthorn Chotham (Luang Pu Bunma Chotthamo) of Khao Kaew Thong Monastery Khao Mai Kaeo Subdistrict Kabin Buri District Prachinburi Province is another On the history page, 9 medals, Phra Kechituraphitphonchai, 2nd generation, 2022

Reverend Grandfather Boonma Chotitammo or Phra Kru Sunthorn Chotham, Phra Therachan, Phet Nam Ek of Prachin Buri Province who is famous for meditation, situated in meditation, all 4 elements, focusing firmly on the light from the flame called “Techoksin”, focusing on the candle flame, direct the mind towards the specified thing until enlightenment is reached, causing the right eye of Reverend Grandfather to be almost blind So all Luang Pu’s sacred objects are essential. pupil work It is known in terms of security. and defenseless so having divine power, having experience of saving lives to survive safely and miraculously helps people

Luang Pu Bunma Chotidhammo coin is one of the 1 in 9 coins of Phra Kechituraphithaphonchai, 2nd generation, BE 2565, egg shaped coin. On the front of the coin, there is a picture of Luang Pu Bunma Chotidhammo, semi-oblique. The reverse is a talisman from Luang Pu.

Phra Khru Tawan Itthichoto or Phra Ajarn Jae Wat Nom Prachasan, Wang Noi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province famous as a social trend From a young man who seeks a good teacher to teach the holy Buddha Until he travels to meet the virtue of the strong teacher of “Luang Pho Kuay” Chutintharo, Kositaram Temple, Chai Nat and the miracle of virtue when Phra Ajarn Jae Dreamed of seeing Reverend Father Kuay Give the Sangha over to take. to take over the next Phut Khom And received all the information from Ajarn Song Rodlek, lancet hammer, magician, make filling powder, one of the longest serving tattoo teachers who is ordained with the Reverend Father Guay.

The experience of the strong teacher happened when the teacher had to travel three times to request a lesson with Ajarn Song. Until the last time, I asked for a picture like Luang Por Kuay. so get to study And teachers have also learned subjects from many teachers until they have expertise. Bringing Phra Ajarn Jae that the public respects and believes Cue the holy water to change the fate of life. Hundreds of lucky people a day Sacred objects have been searched for and accumulated through experience from all directions. Every time the temple held a big event, thousands of people attended the temple until it was overcrowded.

Phra Khru Tawan or Phra Ajarn Jae Medal It is another coin that is distributed in historical coins. Legend to Legend Coin 9 Phra Kechi Chaturaphitphonchai Model 2 BE

Ask for worship at Rattanachai Temple (China), call 096-2433625, Facebook page Chaturaphit Sao Ha. (Jaturaphitphonchai, 2nd generation) 061-5959153 Receive sacred objects from 26 Dec ’22 Those who order have free gifts.

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