Open a risky place. Bangkok is also a semi-bar restaurant, a crowded dormitory.

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13 Jan. 2022 3:55 p.m.

Dr. Suthat reveals that Bangkok has found an outbreak of Covid-19 Among the semi-closed restaurants, pubs, bars the most, followed by the medical group. Advise to refrain from entering high-risk areas Poor ventilation, congestion, check ATK immediately if in doubt.

On January 13, 2022 at the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Suthat Chotanaphan, Director of the Urban Disease Prevention and Control Institute, Department of Disease Control, gave a press conference on the situation of COVID-19. and preventive measures disease control in Bangkok that the risk group that causes a large number of infections in Bangkok is a risk area or closed place Restaurants and pubs, bars and community centers Infections have also been reported in crowded dormitories such as student dormitories and police flats if they live in these areas. to act according to the Ministry of Public Health If in contact with a confirmed patient, isolate yourself immediately.

The results of the investigation of the outbreak in Bangkok found that the first place was a group of semi-closed restaurants. Adjusted from restaurants, pubs, bars, about 5 per group or more, so if you want to receive service, you need to see if there is a SHA + and Covid free setting. If found to be avoided or intentionally avoided To withdraw service licenses, the second is a group of medical personnel. that began to be reported Most of which are infected from the community. and close groups and the last group is Groups of people with a history of contact with confirmed patients
For advice on public health measures to the public is to refrain from entering risky places. poorly ventilated places, crowded places, refrain from participating in activities for a long time, such as drinking circles, slowing down travel Returning from other provinces, self-monitoring for symptoms for 14 days or work from home for ATK examination. If in doubt, call 1330 NHSO when infected, as well as speed up regular vaccination with both needles. and stimulation needle

As for the establishments, they must strictly follow the Covid Free Setting. If infected, do Bubble & Seal in the factory.

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