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Open an “online gambling website” in the resort room, collecting graphic design admins, prosecuting

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In Sa Kaeo Province, today (20 Nov. 21), officials mobilize to clean up technological crimes, bring a search warrant at the Sa Kaeo Provincial Court No. 92/2564, dated Nov. 20, 2021 for inspection. One of the resort rooms in the area of ​​Wang Nam Yen Subdistrict, Wang Nam Yen District. After finding out that There is an online gambling website

From the search of 2 rooms, namely the 2nd room, 3 men and women, aged between 23-26 years old, were working on an online gambling website. Arrested with 3 sets of computer equipment by such person act as an admin He also entered another room to inspect. Which is the 6th room meets a 32-year-old man with a laptop computer equipment Doing graphic design for online gambling sites

From the questionnaire, all 4 suspects testified that they lost their jobs during the coronavirus. Therefore has been hired to make such gambling websites for about 5-6 months. with Mr. Tos, whose real name is unknown, is the employer

Initially, the charge all accused together to arrange a play online gambling (Foreign football, baccarat, slots, lottery, poker) jointly announce, advertise or solicit, directly or indirectly. allowing others to play or gamble which is not permitted under the Gambling Act Doing mixed activities at any place in violation of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergencies B.E. 2548


before handing over to the investigating officer Wang Nam Yen Police Station to extend the effect of an arrest warrant and continue to prosecute money laundering Such online gambling websites found that the customer base is about 70,000 The monthly turnover is about 20 million, the total 6-month turnover is about 100 million.


Photo/News Yuttana Puengnoi, regional correspondent, Sa Kaeo Province


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