Open CCTV footage of the BMW Z4 sedan before losing control, the first rescuer to help reveal the incident

Open CCTV footage of the BMW Z4 sedan, before it lost control, it was quickly overtaken by other cars. Police rushing to find more pictures The first rescuer who came to help revealed the incident.

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On June 17, 2021, reporters reported that Progress in the case of BMW sports coupe, 2-door, convertible coupe, Z4 model, orange color, registration number 3 kg, 7558, Bangkok. Driving through the rain and then lost control and jumped across the island in the middle of the road To collide with a sedan, Suzuki Swift, brown, registration number 1 ก.ค. 9316, Bangkok. that runs through the park to the normal straight, heading to Phetchabun Province

As a result, Ms. Korakot Hiran, 31, who was the driver of a Suzuki sedan, and Ms. Wankan Wannakanon, 29, sat next to the driver. died on the spot Meanwhile, Surapak Phuchaisaeng, 50, the driver of a BMW sedan, was seriously injured. Before she died at Nong Phai Hospital later, while Ms. Met Sawan, 18 years old, who sat next to Mr. Surapak, the driver Serious injury, broken left leg who is now being treated at Phetchabun Hospital The symptoms are improving accordingly. but not yet ready to testify

While two CCTV cameras from Huai Pong Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Na Chaliang Subdistrict, Nong Phai District, Phetchabun Province, captured a BMW luxury sports car before the accident by overtaking another car. Go quickly during 13.19.03 on June 13, 2021, while the Na Chaliang police investigation team is on the way to collect closed-loop camera images along the route No. 21 that a BMW luxury sports car drives past before birth. Born to use CCTV time to calculate the distance and speed of luxury sports cars BMW

On the side of Mr. Chittiphong Iamkui, 45 years old, who is a rescuer of Huai Pong Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Na Chaliang Subdistrict, Nong Phai District, Phetchabun Province, who came to help bring the injured Leaving the luxury sports car BMW revealed that the day myself on my way home At the moment of U-turn heading to Phetchabun, he saw that there had been a collision with 2 cars and saw a BMW car smoke up and 2 people were stuck in the car, so he hurried out to help. for fear that the car might explode which at that time the BMW driver no longer awake

As for the woman in the red shirt who was seated with him, he felt better, with chest tightness and a broken left leg injury. When asked about the property of the BMW driver On the side of Mr. Chittiphong Eamkui, said that he did not notice and did not see the inside. Because at that time saving the lives of more important people.


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