Open Ceremony and Speakers Cooperated on a Sneaker That Britney Spears Made Popular

Open Ceremony and Speakers Cooperated on a Sneaker That Britney Spears Made Popular

There is no sign that stopping is consistent with the clunky sneaker tendency. While Balenciaga's S Triple began, and Fila's clunky sneakers are a dozen, you don't have the trend of having one brand or style. Instead, it's about differentiating your kicks from others and finding the perfect clunky shoe to match your personality. Luckily, there are many options to choose. The latest dad-sneaker competitor? An Open Ceremony with Skechers, the first ever brand of the shoe brand, will co-operate celebrating the 20th anniversary of Skechers Energy – one of the most iconic starters.

Courtesy of the Open Ceremony / Skechers

The Skechers Energy was one of the most popular sneaker styles in the 2000s after it was launched with a campaign by Britney Spears, in 1999. It is sensible that the sneaker is being revived, as we've seen with many trends late-of-the-late looks late. Perhaps this could be explained as a nostalgia for a time when the internet was still novel and exciting, climate change wasn't so hard, and the only thing young people were responsible for was take care of our Neopets. Back then Britney Spears, of course, was in charge of all. The early wearing of the same shoes as Britney was a great subject, and her influence is still 20 years later. For example, it could be said that she was the promoter in the fashion trend that existed today. Talk about iconic !!

Similar to the original Skechers Energy, the Open Ceremony x Sikers Sneakers offers heavy silhouette, crack with simple colors. The collab comes in three monochromatic colors: black, brown and white. The muscular bottoms are reminiscent of the beginning of hiking (this season is also a big trend). The classic colory colors ensure that these sneakers come with each outfit, which means that a good investment is if you are thinking of bringing a clunky shoe into your wardrobe.

In the futuristic campaign, shot by photographer Boris Ovini, Niko Riam has cloned swimming into the ether – the double version of the model on a white background is very futuristic, with the center of axes going around with Microsoft Paint. While the campaign fire, we can't help but Britney Spears wants to be present in the campaign just as she did when the shoe came out.


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