Open conditions for Thai women’s football to qualify for the World Cup tickets After defeating Indonesia overwhelmingly

Also, previously Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced that from the Indian national team withdraw Unable to compete in the 2022 AFC Women’s Football Championship, group stage, matchday 2, Group A, meeting with the Taiwan national team On Sunday, January 23 Because there are many players infected with Covid-19 until there are less than 13 players who are ready to enter the field according to competition regulations. made a resolution to cancel the game

byAFC confirm that indian national team Considered withdrawing from the tournament in accordance with Article 4.1 of the Special Rules in force for the Asian Football Confederation’s competition during the COVID-19 pandemic, Group A will be left with only three teams: China, Taiwan and Iran, excluding results and scores of all matches from programs against India

In addition, according to Article 7.4 of the AFC Rules, the scoring team will qualify for the quarter-finals as the best 3rd place out of any group in a tournament. The methods set out in Appendix 2 of the AFC Competition Rules will apply.

Therefore, in order to avoid potential disparity in the scoring of the teams that will qualify for the quarter-finals as the best 3rd-placed teams, Group B and Group C, who still have the same 4 teams, will not count results and scores. All matches from the program against the last team of the group same as group A

However, if Thai women’s national team Qualifying for the quarter-finals as the best third-placed teams will have to face the champions of Group A or Group C, who have a chance of reaching the semi-finals to win the cupAutomatically, the first 4 teams will be a more difficult task. Because if they don’t pass the 8th round, the teams must continue to win the quota in the play-off round.

Thailand women’s national football team There is a field program for the 2nd match, Group B, with Indonesia at the D.Y. Patil stadium on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 19.00 (Thailand time) live via the ELEVEN SPORTS application.

Open conditions for Thai women's football to qualify for the World Cup tickets  After shooting, scatter to win Indonesia.  Plus, Covid made India withdraw the Asian Women's Football Championship.

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