Open mind “Aun Sirakhup”, son of “Sombat Methanee”, still unable to make up his mind in time to say goodbye to his father.

Again with the great loss of the entertainment industry. The end of the forever hero “Sombat Methanee” National Artist of the Performing Arts for the year 2016 dies peacefully at the age of 85 in the house. People in the house woke up and didn’t wake up.

by Mrs. Kanchana Methanee “Aunt Ad” wife Sombat Methani He gave an interview that “Aunt Ad” died peacefully this morning at the age of 85 in the house on Soi Ladprao 71. Around 6:00 am, he went up to wake up Mr Ad. because he did not wake up at the usual time and found that he was dead

latest “Aun Sirakupt” son “Sombat Methanee” exposed to those media “Until now, I haven’t been up to date. Still feeling shocked. Last night at 3pm, Dad went to bed as usual. I was the one who took the stairs to sleep every day. Last night, everything was the same.”

“My father had been ill several years ago and was treated for a bloodstream infection and was cured. that his father has no underlying disease

After this, what is family planning?
“I have to say we never talked about it. His father was usually a good-tempered person. nothing to worry about The person who worries will be the mother’s side. Dad will be fine Maybe there are worries about the youngest daughter, a sister, nothing else, he already has grandchildren, he is happy, he is in a good mood. Brother Tide also teases that Are you pretending to sleep? If you get up and get busy, this is how it is. My father likes to pretend, likes to joke.”

Is the family shocked by the sudden departure?
“I’m not interested in anything. likely to be old Everyone asked me and said you just fell asleep, everyone said. Considered the most fortunate.”

“In the morning the children usually go to exercise. mother with father we didn’t come back in time We couldn’t talk to him in time. There was no speaking order.”

How is your mother’s state of mind?
“Mum is probably the same, still confused. Still can’t accept it. I believe no one is quick to accept these things, but they have children and grandchildren to take care of.

Sombat Methani

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