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open minded female staff after the customer bought a car put money in a bag sit and count It only took 20 minutes because he had already asked. and organized happy to serve

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On September 26, 2022, Miss Suwanna Chunram, 35 years old, saleswoman at Arkhom Charoenyont Shop. Koh Chan branch, Chonburi province, where customers carry coins to buy PCX160 worth more than 100 thousand baht until it is popular in the online world. by Ms Suwanna revealing to the live news that there is a great welcome ready to serve

Previously, the customer had called to inquire about the price of the car. Since September 25, before giving 2 boxes of coins to the staff to receive them Everyone joined in to help each other. because he asked if he could buy it with coins He said yes, take it.

Read the news Customers drop a jar every day. Carry a coin to buy a motorbike for almost a hundred thousand in cash. The shop counts together and enjoys!

However, the customer has chosen the model before handing over coins. Everyone helped each other to count. It took 20 minutes because customers had already counted 100 baht per bag, and he had never met a customer who brought so much of coins to buy a car. Most of them will put down payments ranging from 1.5 thousand baht to 10,000 baht.

“But the shop accepts coins. regardless of size Ready to count for free, no deductions or extra charges whatsoever.”

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