Open Nong Silas cute moment falling out of focus in front of Grandpa. DNA is very good at building the house

Cute and handsome, aura, but young for “Nong Silas Ezra Lee”, the son of Fat Mother Arisara-Sebastian Lee, we will see a warm family moment. Beautiful pictures of Nong Silas’ development can often be seen through Mae Dew’s Instagram. Now Fat Mom has taken Silas to Taiwan. which is considered Dew’s second home by her husband’s family who welcome and take good care of her

latestMae Dew posted a picture through her personal Instagram account @duearisara revealing a picture of the handsome Silas. where grandpa played Enter message saying “grandpa’s granddaughter” In this event, brothers and sisters, fans flock to the press as. Watch handsome Silas andOut of focus, Grandfather is still handsome. I believe this house has very good DNA.