open operation “Cosplay Avatar” captures a 14-year-old seductive victim of pornography, blackmailing, and suicide

open operation ‘Cosplay Avatar’ catches a 14-year-old police officer’s lustful young man for a nude photoshoot. So sad! Use blackmail until the victim commits suicide.

At 6:00 a.m. on June 23, Maj. Gen. Wiwat Khamchann, commander-in-chief of the PCD, along with Pol. Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew, commander-in-chief of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Pol. Col. Sura Pong Chartsut, deputy commander-in-chief of the PDRC, Pol Col Manoon Kaewkam, Superintendent 3, PDRC, led police officers, PDRC, PDRC, and RD. TCSD opened operations “Cosplay Avatar” brings search warrants to Pathum Thani Provincial Court They searched a house, Village No. 3, Khu Khot Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province, to arrest Piyabutr Urai-Ngam, 27, a suspect using social media. and internet platforms Sexual exploitation of children and women

Upon inspection, the said house was found. It looks like a two-storey house. fenced around When the officers arrived, they found Mr. Piyabutr was preparing to go out to work. Officers therefore presented a search warrant for permission to inspect the house. Found 1 notebook computer, 1 mobile phone when examining the internal data. Found a large number of pictures and video clips of pornographic, nude or child pornography. Along with finding summons to testify in such cases from other areas, many warrants were seized as evidence and detained for questioning. legal action

For this operation, because previously there was a police officer and his family. to request help with Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew, the commander-in-chief of the DEA, said that Nong Kaimook (a pseudonym) was 14 years old, her daughter, had been hit by social media users. which is the Discord application account and fake Twitter or avatars, text messages to make friends before being tempted to send you porn pictures in exchange for money But when you get the picture, then bring the picture to threaten blackmail. by giving a video call and then ordered him to do what he wanted in an obscene way If you do not agree to do so, the said image will be published.

causing Nong Pearl to become so stressed that she decides to hang herself and kill herself later After learning about the matter, the PDRC police coordinated the information with the Royal Thai Police and the Royal Thai Police to track down the clues of this culprit. until he learned that it was Mr. Piyabutr Worked as a call center employee at a communications company.

From the investigative guidelines, it was also found that Even if such tragedy happened But Mr. Piyabutr didn’t show any dejection. or conscience of his own guilt Still have such behavior as before. Lures other girls in the cosplay group to send them nude photos showing their secret treasures. Then save that image. and then use it for their own benefit. It is a danger to society and youth, so the officers rushed to trace the evidence until it led to the arrest with the aforementioned items.

from the initial investigation Mr. Piyabutr gave the confession, only acknowledging that Keep a clip of the girl in the real phone. But a girl who used to talk to or a girlfriend, including images that were saved from various Twitter accounts because he likes to collect pictures of girls dressed in cosplay The women were not intimidated in any way. Before later admitting that there had been threats to the victims to release the pictures on various social media.

Initially, the police reported the allegations. “Possession of child pornography for the purpose of sexual exploitation for oneself or others” under Section 287/1 of the Criminal Code is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. or a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand baht or both according to the offense which precedes the delivery The investigating officer, KK. 3, the NCPO, will continue to take legal action.

Later, at 11:00 a.m., at the Anti-Human Trafficking Division (PCB), Pol.Major Songpop Wansi, commander of the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police Station. Pearl’s father travel to meet Maj. Gen. Sirthatchakhet Kru Wattanasate, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Wiwat Kamchanan, Commander-in-Chief of the National Police.

Pol Maj. Songpop revealed that as a police officer, he regrets that he was unable to take care of the case. After getting to know the story went to discuss with the supervisor try to collect all the evidence as well as having conversations with her daughter’s friends and bring the information to the PDSC and arrested the culprit today As a father, he regrets not being able to protect his daughter. Before the incident, the daughter’s behavior has changed. Refusing to go anywhere. confined in the room So I tried to talk to my daughter. Ask until you know the story. and found that previously The son tried to kill himself, but he was able to help in time. The daughter has a passion for cosplay. Since about 6th grade, and her daughter has been renting out dresses for other cosplayers. and can earn hundreds of thousands of baht He and his wife warned their children to be careful about cosplaying and taking pictures because they were afraid it would be inappropriate. which the daughter has known the culprit since the end of the month February to the end of March

“As a father, I would like to tell you for the last time that father doing father’s duty got the best But the child shouldn’t leave his father so quickly. Let your child know I still love my son forever,” said Dr. Songpope.

Pol Maj Gen Sirthatchakhet said that They are fathers. You don’t know when your child will be a victim of crime. Therefore, it cannot remain silent. Actions must be taken to prevent crimes of this nature. and encouraging children and youth to be aware of crimes on social media. to prevent crime happening on social media By launching a crime prevention project in line with the modern police, in collaboration with the NBTC and the Children Foundation. Especially schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration by the police will have content. sent to teachers in various schools To teach children to understand the dangers of technological crimes as a guideline for further protection

While Pol Maj Gen Wiwat said that from the search and arrest of the accused inside the house Found that the villain had committed the same incident with more than 10 children under 15 years of age, after which The police will rush to find the source of the clip. including all related persons to prosecute and will investigate to find out whether the accused is the cause of the victim’s death or not which will be notified of additional charges later
Initially, the act of the accused was considered an offence. “Possession of child pornography for sexual exploitation for oneself and others and the fault accordingly Computer Crime Act”

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