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Open source agreement Thammasat Hospital to import Moderna vaccine from Poland after the Election Commission clarified that it was not a state-to-state donation

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Director of Thammasat University Hospital Importation of donated Moderna vaccines from Poland may not be on schedule. Due to the need to coordinate with the makers of the Modernna vaccine and additional donors. After receiving advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SEC) with reiterating that the donation was not hindered

While the Election Commission issued a statement yesterday (Oct 25) clarifying that the form of vaccine donation from Poland to Thammasat Hospital is not a “state-to-state” model, but it needs to be carefully considered to prevent prosecution and to be seen as having commercial interests.

The clarification of the Department of Information, the Election Commission, came after some Thai media cited the most urgent letter of the Election Commission of Thailand “About the importation of Moderna vaccines (donations) from Poland to Thammasat University, which the Election Commission considers It may cause the society to misunderstand that the SEC is obstructing the discussions between the vaccine donor organization in Poland and Thammasat University.

Today (26 October) Mr. Thani Saengrat, Director-General of the Department of Information and spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs further clarified that The above letter is only a suggestion.

Thammasat University reveals the reason for sending a letter to the Election Commission regarding vaccine donations

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thut Tor-Udom, Director of Thammasat University Hospital told the BBC Thai that The purpose of sending the letter to the SEC for the relevant agencies to be aware of and facilitating diplomatic procedures As requested by the donors in Poland

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The director of Thammasat Hospital admitted that during the search or with the organization RZADOWA AGENCIA REZERW STRATEGICZNYCH or RARS, there are still some points that the hospital does not take into account. Make the answers from the SEC help make it more clear. and must be complied with, especially 2 main issues, which are:

  • Issues that Moderna, Inc. must be aware of and allow donations. The TU has to request the donor to coordinate contact with the vaccine manufacturer for acknowledgment and have a letter confirming the donation. so that donors can continue
  • In the past, the RARS organization and the Polish government have not clearly provided information or notified the SEC to create state-to-state acknowledgment. The next step is to inform the SEC through the Thai embassy in Poland or the Polish embassy in Thailand. the next official

He admitted that the hospital received the most urgent letter of the SEC on the same day it made the news. but not published to the public and although the hospital has the power to import But there are other government agencies involved, whether it be the SEC or other agencies that the SEC recommends, such as the Department of Disease Control, Department of Medical Sciences, or the Food and Drug Administration that must come to check the quality of vaccines. etc.

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“For me it is not a conflict. It is good advice that we are ready to continue to bring quality vaccines. have standards and are correct for Thai people”

What is the origin of this agreement?

Since the regulations of Thammasat University On the management of medical and public health services in the situation of the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 B.E. 2021 was announced in the Government Gazette on August 26, to open the way for TU. . have the power to agree on cooperation with government or private agencies both domestically and abroad in the procurement or import of vaccines and medical supplies

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This is why a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with a hospital. Acting as an expert to facilitate the procurement of vaccines to import donated vaccines from Poland.

“We have been contacted by the RARS Institute in Poland who wants to donate vaccines to Thailand through the TU, but because TU has no expertise in foreign contacts and imports. Therefore, we have to rely on a private hospital to help since October,” explains the director of Thammasat Hospital.

Adjusted the import of donated vaccines from 3 million doses to 1.5 million doses.

If considering the timeline of receiving books that have been notified to Thammasat University 2 issues, the first issue states that wishes to donate 3 million doses of Moderna vaccine to TU.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thurs said. The latest, according to the second letter, has informed that it is ready to deliver 1.5 million doses of the vaccine and according to the contract that has been negotiated, the delivery date is within October 31.

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However, after recommendations made in the response letter from the Election Commission, Dr. Thu said it needed to be clearly revised to take into account state-to-state relations. Therefore, it may not be able to determine whether the introduction of the vaccine will be on schedule or not.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thurs explained that The Moderna vaccine is classified as an alternative vaccine, so the 1.5 million doses of the donated vaccine are allocated. If the delivery is complete It will be divided into 2 parts, with the first part allocating to groups with needs. But there is no factor in procuring the vaccine itself.

Group 2 will be allocated to a network of hospitals as facilitators. But still do not know the details of whether there will be a cost or not. Because the aforementioned lot of vaccines are donated vaccines. This does not include shipping, storage and insurance costs.

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